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Media Reports by Source: Other Sources

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Date Report Topic(s)
03-Mar-11 Iceland says Landsbanki assets worth $1.4 billion more Iceland News, Selected
25-Feb-11 New York Court to Go Over Glitnir Bank Damages Related Topics
20-Feb-11 Banks just too big to fail? Iceland shows otherwise Related Topics
19-Feb-11 New Icesave Deal Approved By Icelandinc Parliament But Will The President Sign It Into Law? Iceland News, UK News
08-Dec-10 Guernsey Financial Services Commission issues Landsbanki statement Guernsey News, Selected
17-Nov-10 Deloitte to seek liquidation of Guernsey's Landsbanki subsidiary About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
18-Sep-10 Iceland's Ex-Premier Defends Innocence in 2008 Crisis Iceland News, Related Topics
18-Aug-10 Guernsey Landsbanki depositors unbowed by Iceland setback About LGDAG, Selected
21-May-10 Does anyone remember Icesave? Iceland News, UK News, Related Topics
12-Apr-10 Icelandic bank report to slate regulators and ministers Iceland News, Related Topics
07-Apr-10 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors call attention to comments in UK Justice Committee report About LGDAG, Selected
24-Mar-10 Cold comfort for Iceland victims Related Topics, Selected
14-Mar-10 Guernsey Financial Services Commission being disingenuous? About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
03-Mar-10 An Icelandic Saga by Baron Munchhausen? Iceland News
02-Mar-10 Bailout Mutiny Looms With Iceland’s Taxpayer Vote: Matthew Lynn Iceland News, UK News
01-Mar-10 Iceland returns to negotiating table on debt repayment dispute Iceland News, UK News
28-Feb-10 UK, Iceland in Contact on Icesave, No New Meetings Iceland News, UK News
27-Feb-10 Iceland faces Icesave cash squeeze Iceland News, Related Topics
24-Feb-10 Iceland's bank debt is 'bilateral issue', EU commission says Iceland News, Related Topics
20-Feb-10 British, Dutch propose new Icesave deal Iceland News, UK News
19-Feb-10 As Iceland resists paying our billions, let’s not forget just who is to blame Iceland News, UK News, Related Topics
16-Feb-10 Icesave talks to start in London on Monday -sources UK News, Related Topics, Selected
14-Feb-10 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors told their claims 'rejected' About LGDAG, Iceland News, Selected
08-Feb-10 Who lied? Iceland News, Related Topics, Selected
03-Feb-10 Icesave marketing mastermind takes place in parliament Iceland News, Related Topics
30-Jan-10 The official Landsbanki whitewash Iceland News, Related Topics, Selected
18-Jan-10 Landsbanki. Bad management or personal gain? Iceland News, Selected
14-Jan-10 Grimsson Says Iceland Will Be Unscathed by Icesave (Update1) Iceland News, Related Topics
13-Jan-10 Iceland says IMF aid likely delayed Iceland News, Related Topics
05-Jan-10 Iceland Blocks Bank Compensation for Foreigners Iceland News, Related Topics, Selected
02-Jan-10 Iceland’s President urged to reject Icesave bill [with video clip] Iceland News, Related Topics
17-Dec-09 Landsbanki Guernsey administrators announce third distribution Guernsey News, Selected
16-Dec-09 Sailing Carelessly Through Unchartered Waters: The Absence Of Risk In Icelandic Business And Politics Iceland News
15-Dec-09 LGA issues legal threat over Icelandic investments Iceland News, UK News, Related Topics
05-Dec-09 Iceland Is Sacrificed to Save EU: Shame on Britain and Holland Related Topics
05-Dec-09 Iceland agrees to repay Icesave debts Iceland News, Related Topics
19-Nov-09 Saga of KS&F(IoM) collapse plays out in Tynwald About LGDAG, Related Topics, Selected
18-Nov-09 Iceland eyes Icesave approval, boosts EU bid Iceland News, Related Topics
29-Oct-09 IMF Completes First Review Under Stand-By Arrangement with Iceland Iceland News, Related Topics
27-Oct-09 Iceland to have review of its IMF programme Iceland News
08-Oct-09 Iceland Political Leader Calls For Debt Moratorium As Government Crumbles Iceland News
06-Oct-09 Deal Nears on Iceland Loan Terms Iceland News
16-Sep-09 Landsbanki Guernsey to take legal action against Iceland About LGDAG, Selected
09-Sep-09 Jersey Parliament expected to give final approval to draft depositor compensation scheme next month Related Topics
13-Aug-09 The Icesave bill Iceland News
07-Aug-09 Landsbanki depositors to receive chunk of trapped savings About LGDAG
06-Aug-09 Landsbanki action is 'concerning' - BBC 29/07/09 About LGDAG
31-Jul-09 Documents 'implicate' Guernsey in Landsbanki saver saga About LGDAG
27-Jul-09 EU kick-starts Iceland's accession Iceland News
22-Jul-09 Netherlands threatens Iceland's EU bid over lost savings Related Topics
20-Jul-09 Iceland to Recapitalize Banks Iceland News
17-Jul-09 Jersey legislators back bank compensation scheme Related Topics
16-Jul-09 Jersey Depositor Compensation Scheme Approved Related Topics
16-Jul-09 Iceland mulls EU membership talks Iceland News
15-Jul-09 Special prosecutor interrogates ex Landsbanki CEO Iceland News
14-Jul-09 Offshore Tax Havens Innocent in Global Financial Crisis UK News
03-Jul-09 Why do Shelter Offshore Readers Hate the Isle of Man? About Depositors, Related Topics
18-Jun-09 Landsbanki action group lodges Commonwealth appeal About Depositors, Selected
17-Jun-09 Gib MPs fly to Guernsey storm About LGDAG, Selected
16-Jun-09 UK authorities lift freezing order on Landsbanki assets Iceland News, UK News, Selected
15-Jun-09 Landsbanki depositors to seek delegates' attention during Commonwealth conference About LGDAG, Selected
22-May-09 Dutch gov’t pays 106 mlllion euros to Icelandic bank depositors Related Topics, Selected
15-May-09 Iceland no longer planning to take the UK to court Iceland News
11-May-09 Gordon Brown Spills the Beans on the IMF Iceland News, UK News
08-May-09 Repeats of Press Association's Report on Landsbanki Guernsey Savers' Payout About LGDAG, Selected
30-Apr-09 Visions of Johanna Iceland News, Selected
25-Apr-09 Action group backs Foot probe into 'inadequate' comp schemes About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
23-Apr-09 Iceland payback delay warning UK News, Related Topics
08-Apr-09 PM writes to Gordon Brown following UK Treasury Committe report on banking crisis Iceland News
04-Apr-09 MPs attack IFA advice on offshore savings Banking Crisis, UK News
30-Mar-09 BBA says expat onshore banking treatment justified on 'higher fraud risk' grounds About Depositors, Related Topics, Selected
27-Mar-09 Postcard from...Guernsey Guernsey News
24-Mar-09 Weil gets Kaupthing Bank’s claim against UK Govt off the ground Iceland News, UK News, Related Topics
20-Mar-09 Landsbanki expat group lobbies G20 over 'unsafe' Guernsey About Depositors, About LGDAG, Selected
20-Mar-09 Call for offshore depositors to gain full access to onshore accounts About Depositors, UK News, Selected
12-Mar-09 Iceland appoints UK team for creditor negotiations Iceland News, Selected
10-Mar-09 Iceland Names Magistrate To Probe Banks For Fraud Iceland News
05-Mar-09 Action Group Suspicious After Details of Threats Are Leaked Guernsey News
03-Mar-09 British FSA denies claims by former Landsbanki owner about Icesave accounts. What’s the deal? Iceland News, Related Topics, Selected
25-Feb-09 "Iceland will honor its obligations" Interview with Gylfi Magnusson, Minister for Business Affairs Iceland News
18-Feb-09 Iceland: Time to reconsider national approach? Iceland News, Selected
18-Feb-09 $6 billion rescue for Iceland put on hold Iceland News, Selected
18-Feb-09 Isle of Man poised to confirm Icelandic bank compensation Related Topics, Selected
06-Feb-09 Values by Simon Bain About LGDAG, UK News, Selected
03-Feb-09 New government of Iceland moves to change central bank leadership Iceland News
28-Jan-09 Icelandic cabinet collapse could stall Landsbanki resolution About LGDAG, Selected
24-Jan-09 Treasury Committee launches probe into overseas deposit protection About LGDAG, UK News
19-Jan-09 Iceland: a Metaphor for the Crisis Banking Crisis, Iceland News, Related Topics
17-Jan-09 Work methods and ethics of the banks investigated Iceland News
17-Jan-09 We Do Want to Help Landsbanki Depositors About LGDAG, Guernsey News
13-Jan-09 Landsbanki Guernsey savers threaten demonstrations About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
10-Jan-09 The european congress reviews the actions Iceland News
08-Jan-09 Landsbanki action group steps up deposit pressure About LGDAG, Selected
29-Dec-08 I Couldn't Explain It Better About Depositors, Related Topics
28-Dec-08 The Isle That Rattled the World Iceland News
25-Dec-08 Memorandum submitted by the Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors Action Group About LGDAG
23-Dec-08 PM Did not know about the offer of the British FSA about IceSave Iceland News, Related Topics
18-Dec-08 Lessons learnt on Iceland banks UK News
18-Dec-08 Tryggvi resigns himself from Landsbanki Iceland News
18-Dec-08 Isn’t the Madoff case the same as that of the Icelandic banks? UK News, Related Topics
11-Dec-08 Suspect around 100 million krona embezzlement - Landsbanki liquidators press charges on a high ranked banker Iceland News, Selected
10-Dec-08 Who's afraid of an offshore jurisdictions review? UK News, Selected
10-Dec-08 Kaupthing savers will be offered £350m package Related Topics
09-Dec-08 Time's Running Out for Icesave Compensation UK News, Related Topics
06-Dec-08 Landsbanki Islands hf. granted a moratorium Iceland News, Related Topics
03-Dec-08 Former Bahamas Central Bank executive to lead UK review UK News, Related Topics
03-Dec-08 Guernsey customers angry over Icesave compensation Guernsey News, UK News, Selected
29-Nov-08 UK’s role in the economic collapse of Iceland on PACE agenda Selected
28-Nov-08 Isle of Man depositors still whingeing About Depositors, Related Topics
25-Nov-08 Senior Lib Dem MEP: Iceland should sue British Government UK News
24-Nov-08 Edwin Coe to act for Iceland bank account holders Related Topics, Selected
21-Nov-08 What next for Icelandic bank savers? UK News, Selected
20-Nov-08 UPDATE: Icelandic Aid Package Could Double To $10 Billion Iceland News, Related Topics, Selected
19-Nov-08 HMRC raids the room on offshore accounts Related Topics
19-Nov-08 Icesave customers have received £250million of savings so far UK News, Related Topics
17-Nov-08 Iceland Abandoned - Brown's actions helped to worsen the island's financial crisis Banking Crisis, Guernsey News, Selected
17-Nov-08 Iceland drafts plan for 2011 EU entry Iceland News, Related Topics
16-Nov-08 Could Iceland's crisis have been averted? Banking Crisis, Iceland News, Selected
14-Nov-08 Iceland says closer to resolving deposit dispute Iceland News
14-Nov-08 A backlash against foreign banks? About Depositors, Guernsey News, UK News
11-Nov-08 Landsbanki depositors will meet with Chief Minister About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
11-Nov-08 Did Darling know about the Icelandic bank collapse? Iceland News, UK News
07-Nov-08 Dutch, British block IMF loan to Iceland – NRC Iceland News, Related Topics
07-Nov-08 Nordic nations work on Iceland bail-out Banking Crisis, Iceland News
06-Nov-08 Moody's Reviews Landsbanki's Caa1/Caa2 Ratings for Downgrade Iceland News, Related Topics
06-Nov-08 Iceland’s Banking Collapse: Predicable End And Lessons For Other Vulnerable Nations Iceland News
06-Nov-08 First Minister's Questions: Salmond slams UK government over Icelandic assets laws Banking Crisis, UK News
06-Nov-08 Landsbanki Guernsey group seeks meeting with chancellor About LGDAG, UK News, Selected
04-Nov-08 Savers with the Derbyshire may have cash in failed Icelandic bank About Depositors, UK News
04-Nov-08 Finance Chiefs Grilled On Crisis Banking Crisis, UK News
03-Nov-08 House of Common Treasury Committee Banking Crisis Hearing Banking Crisis, UK News
03-Nov-08 Debt-ridden Icelanders vent anger against Britain online Iceland News
03-Nov-08 Iceland to Britain: 'We're No Terrorists' Iceland News
03-Nov-08 Dutch provinces and towns to sue Icelandic bank Related Topics
03-Nov-08 Iceland banking saga hands A&O, 2Birds roles on Kaupthing UK sale UK News
03-Nov-08 Guernsey savers demand more help from Treasury About Depositors, About LGDAG
01-Nov-08 Is the UK government about to be embarrassed over the Icelandic affair? Banking Crisis, UK News
01-Nov-08 An Iceland Mired in Debt Blames Britain for Worsening Its Financial Troubles Iceland News
01-Nov-08 Iceland pays the price Iceland News
31-Oct-08 Many Landsbanki savers still facing massive losses About Depositors
31-Oct-08 The crash of Iceland’s dream Banking Crisis, Iceland News
31-Oct-08 Landsbanki Islands hf - to whom it may concern: Banking Operations News Iceland News
29-Oct-08 UK action on Icelandic bank 'effective' Banking Crisis, UK News
29-Oct-08 No strings attached Banking Crisis, Related Topics
28-Oct-08 Guernsey savers fail to benefit in Government’s Landsbanki rescue package About Depositors, About LGDAG, UK News
27-Oct-08 Iceland seeks more aid to fight financial crisis Iceland News, Related Topics
26-Oct-08 On the freezing of Iceland UK News
25-Oct-08 Landsbanki will dent reputation Guernsey News
24-Oct-08 Ex-pat savers accuse Brown of 'stealing cash' About Depositors
24-Oct-08 Depositor protection to spark fresh HMRC investigations About Depositors, UK News
22-Oct-08 Guernsey bank investors see poor return About Depositors, Guernsey News, Selected
21-Oct-08 The Perils of Saving Offshore About Depositors, Guernsey News, Selected
19-Oct-08 Savers stranded on islands following banking collapse About Depositors, Guernsey News, Selected
17-Oct-08 Iceland Seen Turning to IMF Iceland News, Related Topics, Selected
15-Oct-08 ‘Island banks secure' Banking Crisis, Related Topics, Selected
15-Oct-08 No compensation for offshore savings account customers About Depositors, Guernsey News, Selected
14-Oct-08 ING Direct to take over Icelandic deposits UK News, Selected