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Media Reports by Source: Bloomberg

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Date Report Topic(s)
20-Feb-11 Iceland to Hold Referendum on Law to Repay $5 Billion U.K., Dutch Deposits Iceland News, UK News
01-Dec-10 Landsbanki Committees Seek Compensation From Former Executives Iceland News
16-Nov-10 Iceland Bank Creditors Warn They Will Fight Debt Relief Measures About Depositors, Iceland News
11-Sep-10 Iceland Committee Seeks to Indict Ex-Premier for Role in Crisis Iceland News, Related Topics
08-Sep-10 Iceland Won't Settle Icesave Feud `at Any Price,' Arnason Warns Iceland News, Selected
24-Aug-10 Landsbanki's Bond Holders Will Get Next to Nothing, Finance Minister Says Iceland News
22-Jul-10 Iceland to Face EU Pressure on Icesave, Fishing Rules in Membership Talks Related Topics
08-May-10 Kaupthing executives held by Iceland police Related Topics
29-Jan-10 Iceland Meets With U.K., Dutch to Fix Icesave Turmoil (Update1) Iceland News
06-Jan-10 Iceland Says It Won’t Default Following Junk Rating (Update3) Iceland News, Related Topics
21-Dec-09 Iceland Lawmakers Threaten to Reject Icesave Bill a Second Time Iceland News
01-Dec-09 Iceland Pledges to Pass U.K., Dutch Depositor Bill This Month Iceland News
26-Nov-09 Sigurdardottir Tells Brown Icesave Accord Isn’t Legally Binding Iceland News, UK News
13-Oct-09 Iceland Shrinks 8% as Prices Increase 11% in Deepest Recession Iceland News
07-Oct-09 Iceland Parliament May Demand Government Drop IMF Over Icesave Iceland News, Related Topics
29-Sep-09 Iceland ‘Can’t Wait’ for IMF Review, Funds, Sigurdardottir Says Iceland News
23-Sep-09 Iceland Banks Didn’t Violate Rules, President Grimsson Says Iceland News
18-Sep-09 Iceland Expects IMF Review This Month as Icesave Is Resolved Iceland News
29-Jul-09 Iceland Lawmaker Opposition to Icesave Grows as Deal ‘Stinks’ Iceland News
27-Jun-09 Iceland Lawmakers May Reject U.K. Icesave Agreement (Update2) Iceland News, Selected
27-Apr-09 Iceland’s New Government Must Settle Creditor Talks (Update1) Iceland News, Related Topics
23-Jan-09 Haarde Calls Early Iceland Vote Following Protests (Update1) Iceland News
09-Dec-08 Landsbanki, Seized Icelandic Bank, Enters Bankruptcy (Update1) [in USA] Iceland News, Related Topics
23-Nov-08 U.K. May Review Its Relationship With Isle of Man, Brown Says UK News, Related Topics
20-Nov-08 Iceland's $2.1 Billion IMF Loan Wins Board Approval (Update1) Iceland News, Selected
17-Nov-08 Iceland to Close $6 Billion IMF-Led Deal This Week (Update3) Iceland News, Selected
16-Nov-08 Iceland Reaches Accord With U.K., Holland on Icesave Deposits Iceland News, Related Topics, Selected
10-Nov-08 Iceland May Get `Small' EU Loan, Laitenberger Says (Update1) Iceland News
07-Nov-08 Iceland May Get $6 Billion Loan From IMF-Led Group (Update1) Banking Crisis, Iceland News
03-Nov-08 U.K. to Review Isle of Man Status, Rejects Call to Back Banks UK News
29-Oct-08 Iceland Says Darling Knew of Bank Guarantee Before Seizing Bank Banking Crisis, Iceland News, Selected
20-Oct-08 U.K. Deposit Fund Pays 3 Billion Pounds for ING Iceland Savers UK News, Selected