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Date Report Topic(s)
08-Dec-10 Landsbanki in liquidation Guernsey News, Selected
18-Oct-10 Banks' threat to withdraw cash (+ video subject to regional rights) Guernsey News, Selected
07-Oct-10 Landsbanki: Two years on (inc. video: regional rights issues apply) About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
19-Oct-09 Landsbanki depositors demand public inquiry Guernsey News
30-Jul-09 Landsbanki shock [includes video clip] About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
16-Jun-09 Commonwealth Parliamentary conference About Depositors, Guernsey News, Selected
14-Jun-09 Landsbanki settlement would be £5.8m About LGDAG
06-May-09 Landsbanki protest postponed About LGDAG
22-Apr-09 Good news for Landsbanki Depositors About LGDAG, Selected
16-Apr-09 Landsbanki demo (Includes video interview with Neil) About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
04-Mar-09 Chief Minister threatened Guernsey News
25-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors lobby States members (Video News Clip) Guernsey News, Selected
23-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors want action Guernsey News
20-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors turn to the queen (newsclip) Guernsey News, Selected
09-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors could wait years (with newsclip) About LGDAG, Selected
04-Feb-09 Chief tells Britain Bailiwick wasn't to blame Guernsey News, UK News
22-Jan-09 Landsbanki depositors have their say (inc. video) About LGDAG, Selected
19-Jan-09 Landsbanki action group support creditors committee (inc. video clip) About LGDAG, Selected
18-Jan-09 Salute for depositor protection Guernsey News
14-Jan-09 Hopes Fade for Landsbanki Savers (includes video clip) About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
14-Jan-09 IMF postpone Guernsey's assessment Related Topics
07-Jan-09 Landsbanki depositors asked to be patient About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
06-Jan-09 Landsbanki: Pressure on Chief Minister About LGDAG, Guernsey News
09-Dec-08 Landsbanki action group meet UK politicians About LGDAG, Selected
26-Nov-08 Depositors now protected in Guernsey Guernsey News
25-Nov-08 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors fight on About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
14-Nov-08 Landsbanki depositors ask for help About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
12-Nov-08 Landsbanki action group "There's got to be optimism" About LGDAG, Guernsey News, Selected
11-Nov-08 Landsbanki: Trott rejects "personal threats" About LGDAG, Guernsey News
03-Nov-08 Bank of England grilled on Landsbanki crisis About LGDAG, UK News