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Media Reports by Topic: UK News

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Date Report Source
20-Feb-11 Iceland to Hold Referendum on Law to Repay $5 Billion U.K., Dutch Deposits Bloomberg
19-Feb-11 New Icesave Deal Approved By Icelandinc Parliament But Will The President Sign It Into Law? Other Sources
23-Jan-11 Mervyn King drawn into fresh row over Icesave collapse Guardian
12-Dec-10 Icelandic banks 'broke the rules' before UK deposits Telegraph
01-Dec-10 Landsbanki administrators accuse auditor of negligence Guardian
02-Nov-10 Iceland sees "Icesave" talks ending in 2010 Reuters
24-Jul-10 EFTA extends Iceland Icesave deadline IceNews
02-Jul-10 Iceland, British, Dutch officials try to revive Icesave talks AFP
21-May-10 Does anyone remember Icesave? Other Sources
09-May-10 Court to review FSA role over Icelandic bank collapse Telegraph
24-Apr-10 Commons report supports Landsbanki savers Telegraph
21-Apr-10 Icelandic bank crisis report shows how slow FSA was to react City Wire
18-Apr-10 Letters to the Head of Business: FSA shamed by inaction over Iceland Telegraph
12-Apr-10 Let down by the watchdogs This is Money
01-Apr-10 BREAKING NEWS! Icesave Dispute Resolved Iceland Review
01-Apr-10 Landsbanki depositors 'vindicated by report' BBC Guernsey
06-Mar-10 Iceland president urges Gordon Brown to step into Icesave row The Times
02-Mar-10 Bailout Mutiny Looms With Iceland’s Taxpayer Vote: Matthew Lynn Other Sources
01-Mar-10 Iceland returns to negotiating table on debt repayment dispute Other Sources
28-Feb-10 UK, Iceland in Contact on Icesave, No New Meetings Other Sources
26-Feb-10 Iceland at risk of isolation over failure to repay loans The Times
20-Feb-10 British, Dutch propose new Icesave deal Other Sources
19-Feb-10 Thinking the unthinkable The Times
19-Feb-10 Icelandic bailout exposed rift at the Treasury The Times
19-Feb-10 As Iceland resists paying our billions, let’s not forget just who is to blame Other Sources
16-Feb-10 Icesave talks to start in London on Monday -sources Other Sources
16-Dec-09 Landsbanki under restriction due to FSA regulations before terrorist laws applied IceNews
15-Dec-09 LGA issues legal threat over Icelandic investments Other Sources
13-Dec-09 SFO to launch probe into Icelandic banks Guardian
12-Dec-09 SFO to probe collapse of Icelandic bank Telegraph
26-Nov-09 Sigurdardottir Tells Brown Icesave Accord Isn’t Legally Binding Bloomberg
18-Nov-09 New Book: UK Tried to Close Landsbanki in August Iceland Review
29-Oct-09 Michael Foot publishes review of offshore financial centres Financial Times
27-Oct-09 FSA under fire for lack of inquiry into Icelandic banks The Times
26-Oct-09 Iceland Bank Collapse: 'FSA Failed To Act' SKY News
18-Oct-09 Iceland reaches savers' agreement BBC
18-Oct-09 Britons 'in the frame' after SFO probes Icelandic banks fiasco This is Money
26-Sep-09 Spare a thought for offshore savers The Times
19-Sep-09 Treasury fears over Icelandic bank debt This is Money
12-Sep-09 Iceland banks' fraud trails 'lead to UK' Guardian
12-Sep-09 SFO to investigate possible criminal intentions in Iceland's collapsed banks Telegraph
11-Sep-09 Special Prosecutor and Eva Joly Meet With SFO Iceland Review
20-Aug-09 SFO goes to Iceland to investigate banking collapse Financial Times
18-Aug-09 FSA needs a shred more than hand wringing over Iceland's banking implosion Telegraph
15-Aug-09 Iceland: what ugly secrets are waiting to be exposed in the meltdown? Telegraph
15-Aug-09 Gordon Brown is wrong, Britain played a part in Icelandic bank collapse Telegraph
04-Aug-09 SFO intensifies Icelandic banking inquiry after Kaupthing leak Telegraph
29-Jul-09 No meeting on our case - Landsbanki savers Guernsey Press
14-Jul-09 Offshore Tax Havens Innocent in Global Financial Crisis Other Sources
11-Jul-09 Letters reveal UK's battles with Iceland over bank crisis Telegraph
07-Jul-09 UK freezing of Landsbanki assets 'as damaging to Iceland as Treaty of Versailles' Telegraph
16-Jun-09 Brown Justifies Use of Anti-Terrorism Act on Landsbanki Iceland Review
16-Jun-09 UK authorities lift freezing order on Landsbanki assets Other Sources
11-May-09 Gordon Brown Spills the Beans on the IMF Other Sources
24-Apr-09 Treasury paid £7.4bn to Iceland savers Telegraph
23-Apr-09 Iceland payback delay warning Other Sources
17-Apr-09 PM’s tax plan easier said than achieved Guernsey Press
07-Apr-09 Landsbanki action group joins fray with calls to blacklist Guernsey City Wire
04-Apr-09 Savers who lost money in Iceland are snubbed The Times
04-Apr-09 Iceland report a timely reminder that no regulatory system can be foolproof Telegraph
04-Apr-09 MPs attack IFA advice on offshore savings Other Sources
04-Apr-09 We are safe Guernsey Press
04-Apr-09 UK regulator kept mum over Iceland Guernsey Press
03-Apr-09 Charities pushed to front of compensation queue after Icelandic banking meltdown Guardian
03-Apr-09 No Iceland compensation for local authorities or offshore depositors City Wire
03-Apr-09 Banks must allow ex-pats access to onshore accounts, say MPs City Wire
24-Mar-09 Iceland protest in London at 'terrorist' tag Isle of Man Today
24-Mar-09 Weil gets Kaupthing Bank’s claim against UK Govt off the ground Other Sources
20-Mar-09 Call for offshore depositors to gain full access to onshore accounts Other Sources
12-Feb-09 SFO launches investigation into AIG’s British financial arm The Times
06-Feb-09 Values by Simon Bain Other Sources
04-Feb-09 Chief tells Britain Bailiwick wasn't to blame
04-Feb-09 FSA 'let us down' over Iceland crisis The Independent
30-Jan-09 Not our problem, UK Treasury tells Landsbanki group Guernsey Press
24-Jan-09 Treasury Committee launches probe into overseas deposit protection Other Sources
21-Dec-08 Video Exclusive: City Oafs Take us for Mugs Daily Express
18-Dec-08 Lessons learnt on Iceland banks Other Sources
18-Dec-08 Isn’t the Madoff case the same as that of the Icelandic banks? Other Sources
10-Dec-08 Government prepares offshore bank account tax The Times
10-Dec-08 Who's afraid of an offshore jurisdictions review? Other Sources
09-Dec-08 Time's Running Out for Icesave Compensation Other Sources
03-Dec-08 Former Bahamas Central Bank executive to lead UK review Other Sources
03-Dec-08 Guernsey customers angry over Icesave compensation Other Sources
26-Nov-08 What is in store for offshore banking? BBC
25-Nov-08 Savings compensation: No repeat of Icesave This is Money
25-Nov-08 Warning shot for finance Jersey Evening Post
25-Nov-08 Senior Lib Dem MEP: Iceland should sue British Government Other Sources
24-Nov-08 Chancellor wants protection against repeat of Icesave crisis Guardian
24-Nov-08 PBR: Chancellor promises to tackle offshore tax evaders Financial Times
24-Nov-08 PBR: Darling calls for review of regulation of offshore territories Money Marketing
24-Nov-08 UK anti terror laws right move against Icelandic banks? IceNews
23-Nov-08 U.K. May Review Its Relationship With Isle of Man, Brown Says Bloomberg
23-Nov-08 Gordon Brown speaks exclusively to the Politics Show. BBC
22-Nov-08 Revenue in storm over disclosure of taxpayer data to researchers Telegraph
21-Nov-08 What next for Icelandic bank savers? Other Sources
21-Nov-08 Turkey closes on $40bn IMF safety valve The Times
20-Nov-08 Iceland owes UK £2.2bn The Press Association
19-Nov-08 Icesave customers have received £250million of savings so far Other Sources
14-Nov-08 Iceland close to reaching compensation deal for UK Icesave customers Telegraph
14-Nov-08 A backlash against foreign banks? Other Sources
13-Nov-08 Icelandic government willing to resolve Icesave dispute IceNews
11-Nov-08 Did Darling know about the Icelandic bank collapse? Other Sources
10-Nov-08 Iceland PM asks Europe for financial help The Times
08-Nov-08 Pay-back time for Icesave customers Guardian
07-Nov-08 Tony Brown to meet Jack Straw Isle of Man Today
06-Nov-08 First Minister's Questions: Salmond slams UK government over Icelandic assets laws Other Sources
06-Nov-08 Landsbanki Guernsey group seeks meeting with chancellor Other Sources
05-Nov-08 West Ham in crisis: Fresh turmoil at Upton Park as owner's parent firm faces meltdown Daily Mail
05-Nov-08 Adviser anger over Ailo claim about Iceland accounts City Wire
04-Nov-08 Where's the money gone? Not here, say guilty three The Times
04-Nov-08 Chancellor has his eye on us Guernsey Press
04-Nov-08 Savers with the Derbyshire may have cash in failed Icelandic bank Other Sources
04-Nov-08 Icesave: How To Get Money Back SKY News
04-Nov-08 Finance Chiefs Grilled On Crisis Other Sources
03-Nov-08 House of Common Treasury Committee Banking Crisis Hearing Other Sources
03-Nov-08 Bank of England grilled on Landsbanki crisis
03-Nov-08 U.K. to Review Isle of Man Status, Rejects Call to Back Banks Bloomberg
03-Nov-08 Bleak times for Iceland savers Telegraph
03-Nov-08 Iceland banking saga hands A&O, 2Birds roles on Kaupthing UK sale Other Sources
02-Nov-08 Why should we taxpayers bail out the IceSave tax avoiders? Guardian
01-Nov-08 Is the UK government about to be embarrassed over the Icelandic affair? Other Sources
31-Oct-08 Probe calls over Icelandic crisis The Press Association
31-Oct-08 Should savers have been warned? Channel 4 News
30-Oct-08 Iceland hires Lovells as legal showdown looms The Times
30-Oct-08 Britain has devastated our economy, Iceland complains The Independent
30-Oct-08 Iceland takes on UK Treasury Financial Times
29-Oct-08 UK action on Icelandic bank 'effective' Other Sources
28-Oct-08 Guernsey savers fail to benefit in Government’s Landsbanki rescue package Other Sources
28-Oct-08 Channel 4 News Discussion with John McFall MP, Channel 4 News
27-Oct-08 Darling and King face a Landsbanki grilling Guernsey Press
26-Oct-08 On the freezing of Iceland Other Sources
26-Oct-08 Horrified Darling knew Icelandic banks were in trouble, secret tape reveals Daily Mail
25-Oct-08 It's Iceland's own mess Guardian
25-Oct-08 Four billion pounds to be paid to Icesavers IceNews
25-Oct-08 Icesave compensation set to begin BBC
25-Oct-08 James Daley: Who's to blame for the Icelandic banking mess? The Independent
24-Oct-08 Transcript of conversation between Chancellor and Icelandic Finance Minister The Times
24-Oct-08 Depositor protection to spark fresh HMRC investigations Other Sources
24-Oct-08 Video Channel Four News segment: Interview - Darling 'Iceland Couldn't Cope' Channel 4 News
24-Oct-08 IMF bailout of Iceland is delayed until fate of UK savers’ frozen cash is resolved The Times
22-Oct-08 Britain to loan Iceland £3bln to repay savers: report AFP
22-Oct-08 Iceland must look after depositors, says Prime Minister Guernsey Press
20-Oct-08 U.K. Deposit Fund Pays 3 Billion Pounds for ING Iceland Savers Bloomberg
16-Oct-08 Government set on collision course with Iceland over Landsbanki assets The Times
14-Oct-08 ING Direct to take over Icelandic deposits Other Sources