30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

Media Reports by Topic: Guernsey News

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Date Report Source
24-Feb-11 Chief minister links conduct complaint to Landsbanki group Guernsey Press
08-Dec-10 Guernsey Financial Services Commission issues Landsbanki statement Other Sources
08-Dec-10 Landsbanki in liquidation
17-Nov-10 Deloitte to seek liquidation of Guernsey's Landsbanki subsidiary Other Sources
03-Nov-10 Guernsey government disagrees on bank compensation plans Telegraph
18-Oct-10 Banks' threat to withdraw cash (+ video subject to regional rights)
07-Oct-10 Jersey and Guernsey: Channel Islands look East for new opportunities Telegraph
07-Oct-10 Landsbanki: Two years on (inc. video: regional rights issues apply)
30-Sep-10 Progress means there is now no need to meet Landsbanki savers Guernsey Press
14-Mar-10 Guernsey Financial Services Commission being disingenuous? Other Sources
12-Mar-10 Guernsey regulator tells savers: onus is on you to check stability of banks (!!) City Wire
08-Mar-10 Landsbanki Guernsey savers ‘are the worst off of the lot’ Guernsey Press
21-Feb-10 Depositors seek Landsbanki inquiry Jersey Evening Post
15-Feb-10 Landsbanki: Local depositors a "low priority" [sic *] Channel 4 News
12-Jan-10 Landsbanki savers post clip on YouTube and lobby States members once more Guernsey Press
18-Dec-09 Landsbanki savers could get more than 90% back Guernsey Press
17-Dec-09 Landsbanki Guernsey administrators announce third distribution Other Sources
17-Dec-09 Landsbanki savers get third sum BBC
20-Oct-09 Landsbanki depositors want public inquiry into bank’s collapse Guernsey Press
19-Oct-09 Landsbanki depositors demand public inquiry
08-Oct-09 For some, it is too late Guernsey Press
07-Oct-09 Guernsey savers call for inquiry BBC
28-Sep-09 ‘Give offshore banks a wide berth’ Guernsey Press
19-Sep-09 Trott supports saver court action BBC Guernsey
18-Sep-09 BBC Interviews Jersey LGDAG Representative Eleanor Monaghan (Audio Clip) BBC
07-Aug-09 ‘Landsbanki - FSA let island down’ Guernsey Press
04-Aug-09 No mandate and not expected - no wonder De Lisle is not going to Iceland Guernsey Press
30-Jul-09 Chief Minister off to Iceland to discuss Landsbanki woes Guernsey Press
30-Jul-09 Landsbanki shock [includes video clip]
30-Jul-09 Landsbanki action is 'concerning' BBC Guernsey
13-Jul-09 Landsbanki Costs help to push GFSC into red as worldwide crisis hits home Guernsey Press
02-Jul-09 Failed savers claim 'negligence' BBC Guernsey
16-Jun-09 Commonwealth Parliamentary conference
11-Jun-09 Island hosts commonwealth meeting BBC Guernsey
10-Jun-09 Bank victims urge States to help BBC Guernsey
25-Apr-09 Action group backs Foot probe into 'inadequate' comp schemes Other Sources
17-Apr-09 PM’s tax plan easier said than achieved Guernsey Press
16-Apr-09 News Report in Evening Review BBC Guernsey
16-Apr-09 Landsbanki demo (Includes video interview with Neil)
09-Apr-09 Jersey and Guernsey still shine as sun sets on offshore tax havens Telegraph
06-Apr-09 Vindicated by top level approval… Guernsey Press
04-Apr-09 'No cash' for Landsbanki savers BBC Guernsey
04-Apr-09 We are safe Guernsey Press
04-Apr-09 UK regulator kept mum over Iceland Guernsey Press
04-Apr-09 Tax haven critic pours cold water on financial white list Guernsey Press
27-Mar-09 Postcard from...Guernsey Other Sources
27-Mar-09 How the States has squandered your cash Guernsey Press
26-Mar-09 Island signs tax share agreements BBC Guernsey
25-Mar-09 Finance promotion stepped up Guernsey Press
25-Mar-09 GuernseyFinance spreading word ahead of G20 Guernsey Press
07-Mar-09 Finance industry to pay towards promotion Guernsey Press
05-Mar-09 Action Group Suspicious After Details of Threats Are Leaked Other Sources
05-Mar-09 Threats against Lyndon Trott are investigated Guernsey Press
04-Mar-09 Chief Minister threatened
01-Mar-09 Feedback wanted on savers' plight BBC Guernsey
25-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors lobby States members (Video News Clip)
23-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors want action
23-Feb-09 Chief Minister is to meet savers BBC Guernsey
22-Feb-09 Petition to Queen a precursor to legal fight Guernsey Press
21-Feb-09 ‘Island should not be lumped in with the less-regulated’ Guernsey Press
20-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors turn to the queen (newsclip)
20-Feb-09 Landsbanki investors to petition Queen Jersey Evening Post
11-Feb-09 Offshore finance review ‘could make future more secure’ Guernsey Press
07-Feb-09 ‘My £70,000 was not part of the Landsbanki estate’ Guernsey Press
04-Feb-09 Chief tells Britain Bailiwick wasn't to blame
04-Feb-09 Island survives hard questions from MPs Guernsey Press
04-Feb-09 FSA 'let us down' over Iceland crisis The Independent
29-Jan-09 Landsbanki update in States Guernsey Press
23-Jan-09 Financial services ombudsman 'would keep banks in line' (Full hard-copy version) Guernsey Press
22-Jan-09 Financial services ombudsman ‘would keep banks in line’ Guernsey Press
21-Jan-09 ‘Our family saved for generations - now it’s been lost’ Guernsey Press
20-Jan-09 Landsbanki Guernsey owed another £81.9m. Guernsey Press
18-Jan-09 Salute for depositor protection
17-Jan-09 We Do Want to Help Landsbanki Depositors Other Sources
17-Jan-09 Bank group ‘got it wrong’ Guernsey Press
16-Jan-09 Landsbanki savers look to form creditors’ committee Guernsey Press
14-Jan-09 Hopes Fade for Landsbanki Savers (includes video clip)
13-Jan-09 Landsbanki: Loans for depositors rejected Jersey Evening Post
13-Jan-09 Landsbanki savers get no support from Guernsey govt Financial Times
13-Jan-09 Landsbanki Guernsey savers threaten demonstrations Other Sources
13-Jan-09 Should States Have Helped Savers More? Guernsey Press
12-Jan-09 Administrators get another year to sort out Landsbanki cash Guernsey Press
10-Jan-09 Treasury loan refusal keeps Landsbanki savers waiting Guernsey Press
09-Jan-09 Landsbanki Guernsey administrator tries to salvage depositor cash City Wire
08-Jan-09 Landsbanki clients see their money slipping away Guernsey Press
07-Jan-09 Landsbanki depositors asked to be patient
06-Jan-09 Landsbanki: Pressure on Chief Minister
22-Dec-08 No festive cheer from Landsbanki Guernsey Press
11-Dec-08 Landsbanki savers call for more from Guernsey States Jersey Evening Post
03-Dec-08 Guernsey customers angry over Icesave compensation Other Sources
03-Dec-08 Review is an opportunity’ Guernsey Press
29-Nov-08 Nothing to fear from ‘collaborative’ review Guernsey Press
27-Nov-08 Guernsey sets up deposit compensation scheme Jersey Evening Post
27-Nov-08 GFSC clarifies misconceptions over Landsbanki Gsy collapse Guernsey Press
26-Nov-08 I was told of review - chief minister Guernsey Press
26-Nov-08 Depositors now protected in Guernsey
25-Nov-08 Warning shot for finance Jersey Evening Post
25-Nov-08 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors fight on
25-Nov-08 Landsbanki group meets ministers BBC
24-Nov-08 Fight continues on tax evasion Guernsey Press
24-Nov-08 Island is ‘on the right track’ Guernsey Press
22-Nov-08 Group meets to press Landsbanki claims Jersey Evening Post
22-Nov-08 Landsbanki customers angry as scheme will not involve them Guernsey Press
22-Nov-08 The Horse has bolted Guernsey Press
21-Nov-08 Bank protection scheme is up for debate next week Guernsey Press
19-Nov-08 Landsbanki depositors ‘overlooked’ Guernsey Press
17-Nov-08 Iceland Abandoned - Brown's actions helped to worsen the island's financial crisis Other Sources
14-Nov-08 Landsbanki group upbeat on talks BBC
14-Nov-08 Landsbanki depositors ask for help
14-Nov-08 Landsbanki savers to meet Guernsey authorities to demand money back Telegraph
14-Nov-08 A backlash against foreign banks? Other Sources
14-Nov-08 Landsbanki: ‘We are working hard to help savers’ Jersey Evening Post
13-Nov-08 Landsbanki group debate next step BBC
12-Nov-08 Landsbanki action group "There's got to be optimism"
11-Nov-08 Landsbanki: Trott rejects "personal threats"
11-Nov-08 Landsbanki depositors will meet with Chief Minister Other Sources
11-Nov-08 Payback starts for Landsbanki’s UK customers Guernsey Press
05-Nov-08 Landsbanki committee formed Jersey Evening Post
05-Nov-08 Clarification sought over Darling’s ‘long hard look’ Guernsey Press
04-Nov-08 Chancellor has his eye on us Guernsey Press
03-Nov-08 Guernsey regulator starts Iceland probe City Wire
01-Nov-08 Top regulator is to investigate GFSC Guernsey Press
31-Oct-08 Depositors are now organised Guernsey Press
27-Oct-08 Darling and King face a Landsbanki grilling Guernsey Press
27-Oct-08 Guernsey Set to Introduce Deposit Guarantee Scheme Guardian
25-Oct-08 Landsbanki will dent reputation Other Sources
25-Oct-08 Minister praises think before you act approach Guernsey Press
24-Oct-08 Landsbanki ‘likely to be liquidated before protection comes in’ Guernsey Press
24-Oct-08 Landsbanki: Guernsey feels the heat Jersey Evening Post
24-Oct-08 Savers set to lose out as Guernsey rules out Icelandic bank bail-out Telegraph
23-Oct-08 Guernsey rules out state funds to help savers Financial Times
22-Oct-08 Avoiding the ‘too little…’ complaint Guernsey Press
22-Oct-08 Guernsey bank investors see poor return Other Sources
22-Oct-08 Expats face big Icelandic bank losses Telegraph
21-Oct-08 The Perils of Saving Offshore Other Sources
20-Oct-08 Minister acts to help Landsbanki depositors Jersey Evening Post
19-Oct-08 Savers stranded on islands following banking collapse Other Sources
17-Oct-08 Deputy got it wrong, says GFSC chairman Guernsey Press
17-Oct-08 Financial crisis: savers in Guernsey warned they will lose out Telegraph
15-Oct-08 No compensation for offshore savings account customers Other Sources
14-Oct-08 Expat savers hit by Icelandic bank crisis Telegraph