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Media Reports by Topic: About Depositors

This page contains a list of media reports on the topic About Depositors.  Click on a Report to see that report or on the Source to see all reports from that source.
Date Report Source
09-Dec-10 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors challenge island's chief minister Telegraph
16-Nov-10 Iceland Bank Creditors Warn They Will Fight Debt Relief Measures Bloomberg
15-May-10 Investigators preparing Landsbanki white collar crime report IceNews
26-Dec-09 How our readers stood up to the personal finance bullies The Times
26-Sep-09 The forgotten victims of the credit crunch The Times
26-Sep-09 Spare a thought for offshore savers The Times
18-Sep-09 BBC Interviews Jersey LGDAG Representative Eleanor Monaghan (Audio Clip) BBC
03-Jul-09 Why do Shelter Offshore Readers Hate the Isle of Man? Other Sources
18-Jun-09 Landsbanki action group lodges Commonwealth appeal Other Sources
16-Jun-09 Commonwealth Parliamentary conference
19-Apr-09 Compensation hope for Iceland bank savers The Times
09-Apr-09 Strong parent groups give savers protection Telegraph
03-Apr-09 No Iceland compensation for local authorities or offshore depositors City Wire
30-Mar-09 BBA says expat onshore banking treatment justified on 'higher fraud risk' grounds Other Sources
20-Mar-09 Landsbanki expat group lobbies G20 over 'unsafe' Guernsey Other Sources
20-Mar-09 Call for offshore depositors to gain full access to onshore accounts Other Sources
20-Jan-09 Landsbanki Guernsey owed another £81.9m. Guernsey Press
14-Jan-09 LGDAG's Neil Dickens Interviewed by BBC Radio Guernsey BBC Guernsey
08-Jan-09 Landsbanki clients see their money slipping away Guernsey Press
30-Dec-08 2008 And All That Motley Fool
29-Dec-08 I Couldn't Explain It Better Other Sources
15-Dec-08 Sants says clients could sue IFAs over Iceland saga City Wire
28-Nov-08 Isle of Man depositors still whingeing Other Sources
26-Nov-08 Landsbanki: Help from Guernsey? Jersey Evening Post
26-Nov-08 What is in store for offshore banking? BBC
23-Nov-08 Gordon Brown speaks exclusively to the Politics Show. BBC
18-Nov-08 The Icelandic Government program with the IMF IceNews
15-Nov-08 Solution on Icesave Dispute Seems To Be in Sight Iceland Review
14-Nov-08 A backlash against foreign banks? Other Sources
14-Nov-08 Iceland to hold news conference,deposit feud in focus Guardian
14-Nov-08 Offshore banks engulfed by a wave of pessimism The Times
12-Nov-08 Bell pledges action on missing KSF funds Isle of Man Today
12-Nov-08 FACTBOX-Who is in line to help bail out Iceland? Forbes
12-Nov-08 Forced to stand on its own three legs Financial Times
07-Nov-08 Iceland crisis brings a chill wind to savers Telegraph
04-Nov-08 Savers with the Derbyshire may have cash in failed Icelandic bank Other Sources
03-Nov-08 Landsbanki committee formed Jersey Evening Post
03-Nov-08 Guernsey regulator starts Iceland probe City Wire
03-Nov-08 Bleak times for Iceland savers Telegraph
03-Nov-08 Guernsey savers demand more help from Treasury Other Sources
02-Nov-08 Why should we taxpayers bail out the IceSave tax avoiders? Guardian
31-Oct-08 Many Landsbanki savers still facing massive losses Other Sources
31-Oct-08 Guernsey savers demand more help from Treasury Telegraph
29-Oct-08 Payouts to savers would cripple Icelandic economy, says Geir Haarde The Times
28-Oct-08 Guernsey savers fail to benefit in Government’s Landsbanki rescue package Other Sources
28-Oct-08 Channel 4 News Discussion with John McFall MP, Channel 4 News
27-Oct-08 An Open Letter to the Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP Iceland Review
27-Oct-08 Should Britain help offshore savers? IceNews
27-Oct-08 Guernsey Set to Introduce Deposit Guarantee Scheme Guardian
26-Oct-08 We slipped through the safety net too Guardian
25-Oct-08 Iceland leaves British depositors out in the cold The Times
24-Oct-08 Ex-pat savers accuse Brown of 'stealing cash' Other Sources
24-Oct-08 Landsbanki: Guernsey feels the heat Jersey Evening Post
24-Oct-08 Depositor protection to spark fresh HMRC investigations Other Sources
24-Oct-08 Savers set to lose out as Guernsey rules out Icelandic bank bail-out Telegraph
23-Oct-08 Guernsey rules out state funds to help savers Financial Times
23-Oct-08 Icelandic authorities react to UK gov't 'terror' move Financial Times
23-Oct-08 Help Needed for Offshore Savers The Press Association
22-Oct-08 Avoiding the ‘too little…’ complaint Guernsey Press
22-Oct-08 Guernsey bank investors see poor return Other Sources
22-Oct-08 Expats face big Icelandic bank losses Telegraph
22-Oct-08 Iceland must look after depositors, says Prime Minister Guernsey Press
21-Oct-08 Landsbanki Guernsey savers cry foul This is Money
21-Oct-08 Guernsey and IOM savers call for help The Times
21-Oct-08 The Perils of Saving Offshore Other Sources
21-Oct-08 Offshore savers in bid to get deposits back The Independent
21-Oct-08 Savers in bid to get money back The Press Association
20-Oct-08 Island savers form action groups BBC
20-Oct-08 Minister acts to help Landsbanki depositors Jersey Evening Post
20-Oct-08 Building societies drawn into Icelandic banking crisis City Wire
19-Oct-08 Savers stranded on islands following banking collapse Other Sources
17-Oct-08 Guernsey savers fear loss of locked funds Financial Times
17-Oct-08 Financial crisis: savers in Guernsey warned they will lose out Telegraph
15-Oct-08 No compensation for offshore savings account customers Other Sources
14-Oct-08 Expat savers hit by Icelandic bank crisis Telegraph
14-Oct-08 Crunch threatens offshore money Channel 4 News
09-Oct-08 Landsbanki Guernsey savers may lose everything The Times
06-Oct-08 Trading in Icelandic banks halted pending announcement Telegraph