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Date Report Source
02-Mar-11 Key players in Iceland bank crash in court as witnesses IceNews
25-Feb-11 New York Court to Go Over Glitnir Bank Damages Other Sources
20-Feb-11 Banks just too big to fail? Iceland shows otherwise Other Sources
23-Jan-11 Mervyn King drawn into fresh row over Icesave collapse Guardian
19-Jan-11 Custody Confirmed over Former Landsbanki CEO Iceland Review
15-Jan-11 Landsbanki executives arrested in Iceland BBC
19-Dec-10 Iceland deal may be put to vote This is Money
10-Dec-10 PricewaterhouseCoopers criticised in Landsbanki crash report IceNews
17-Nov-10 Iceland draft deal with Britain said ready Reuters
18-Sep-10 Iceland's Ex-Premier Defends Innocence in 2008 Crisis Other Sources
18-Sep-10 Iceland intends to repay the Netherlands - paper Reuters
13-Sep-10 USA at Peace with Iceland? Ambassador finally arriving Iceland Review
12-Sep-10 Former Iceland PM faces trial over bank collapse Telegraph
11-Sep-10 Iceland Committee Seeks to Indict Ex-Premier for Role in Crisis Bloomberg
22-Jul-10 Iceland to Face EU Pressure on Icesave, Fishing Rules in Membership Talks Bloomberg
02-Jul-10 Iceland, British, Dutch officials try to revive Icesave talks AFP
29-May-10 Landsbanki law suit could see Icesave payout cut to 30 percent IceNews
27-May-10 EFTA: Iceland must pay Icesave IceNews
21-May-10 Does anyone remember Icesave? Other Sources
19-May-10 Wall Street Journal writer interviews ministers and Landsbanki depositors Guernsey Press
17-May-10 Failed Icelandic bank seeks 197 million euros from former staff AFP
09-May-10 Court to review FSA role over Icelandic bank collapse Telegraph
08-May-10 Kaupthing executives held by Iceland police Bloomberg
17-Apr-10 Iceland given another $160m by IMF to re-build economy BBC
12-Apr-10 Icelandic bank report to slate regulators and ministers Other Sources
24-Mar-10 Cold comfort for Iceland victims Other Sources
12-Mar-10 Icesave Analysis: Make Us an Offer We Can’t Refuse Iceland Review
27-Feb-10 Althingi banking report delayed ‘one last time’ IceNews
27-Feb-10 Iceland faces Icesave cash squeeze Other Sources
25-Feb-10 Iceland walks out of debt talks Associated Press
24-Feb-10 [KSF IOM] Depositors to give evidence Manx Radio
24-Feb-10 Iceland's bank debt is 'bilateral issue', EU commission says Other Sources
22-Feb-10 New Icesave offer “not acceptable” IceNews
19-Feb-10 Thinking the unthinkable The Times
19-Feb-10 Icelandic bailout exposed rift at the Treasury The Times
19-Feb-10 As Iceland resists paying our billions, let’s not forget just who is to blame Other Sources
16-Feb-10 Icesave talks to start in London on Monday -sources Other Sources
14-Feb-10 Icesave talks to resume on Monday: Iceland minister Reuters
13-Feb-10 Treasury awaits results of probe into Icesave's past Financial Times
08-Feb-10 Who lied? Other Sources
03-Feb-10 Icesave marketing mastermind takes place in parliament Other Sources
02-Feb-10 Dutch Central Banker: Icelanders Lied about Icesave Iceland Review
30-Jan-10 Icesave dispute focus of Europe meeting UPI
30-Jan-10 Iceland defends right to vote on Icesave redress The Independent
30-Jan-10 Icesave talks end with no signs of progress on row Reuters
30-Jan-10 The official Landsbanki whitewash Other Sources
14-Jan-10 How the Icelandic saga should end Financial Times
14-Jan-10 Grimsson Says Iceland Will Be Unscathed by Icesave (Update1) Other Sources
14-Jan-10 IMF and Sweden to delay Iceland loans Telegraph
13-Jan-10 Iceland says IMF aid likely delayed Other Sources
13-Jan-10 Landsbanki Major Shareholder's Books a Mess Iceland Review
11-Jan-10 May I introduce the bloody-minded Icelanders The Times
10-Jan-10 Iceland's voters set to remain out in the cold Workers blame the IMF, but the fund says it doesn't care about Icesave. Richard Northedge reports The Independent
07-Jan-10 Iceland faces turmoil after refusal to sign law Financial Times
06-Jan-10 Iceland Says It Won’t Default Following Junk Rating (Update3) Bloomberg
05-Jan-10 Iceland Blocks Bank Compensation for Foreigners Other Sources
02-Jan-10 Iceland’s President urged to reject Icesave bill [with video clip] Other Sources
01-Jan-10 Analysis: Icesave: The President’s Dilemma Iceland Review
01-Jan-10 Uproar in Iceland’s parliament over allegedly suppressed Icesave documents IceNews
16-Dec-09 Iceland finalises Landsbanki recapitalisation deal Reuters
15-Dec-09 LGA issues legal threat over Icelandic investments Other Sources
13-Dec-09 SFO to launch probe into Icelandic banks Guardian
12-Dec-09 SFO to probe collapse of Icelandic bank Telegraph
05-Dec-09 Iceland Is Sacrificed to Save EU: Shame on Britain and Holland Other Sources
05-Dec-09 Iceland agrees to repay Icesave debts Other Sources
19-Nov-09 Saga of KS&F(IoM) collapse plays out in Tynwald Other Sources
18-Nov-09 Iceland eyes Icesave approval, boosts EU bid Other Sources
29-Oct-09 IMF Completes First Review Under Stand-By Arrangement with Iceland Other Sources
29-Oct-09 Michael Foot publishes review of offshore financial centres Financial Times
29-Oct-09 British offshore havens asked to cut protection for foreign savers City Wire
25-Oct-09 Auditors face being called to account for their role in the global financial crisis The Observer
07-Oct-09 Iceland Parliament May Demand Government Drop IMF Over Icesave Bloomberg
05-Oct-09 Iceland criticises IMF, UK and Dutch [with integral video clip] Financial Times
02-Oct-09 Iceland police raid KPMG, PwC offices in Reykjavik Reuters
02-Oct-09 Ig Nobel awards Guardian
26-Sep-09 The forgotten victims of the credit crunch The Times
19-Sep-09 Treasury fears over Icelandic bank debt This is Money
19-Sep-09 Iceland says Icesave objections only "first response" Reuters
13-Sep-09 Britain 'may be forced to bail out tax havens' Guardian
09-Sep-09 Jersey Parliament expected to give final approval to draft depositor compensation scheme next month Other Sources
31-Aug-09 Thousands of Icelanders Demand Referendum on Icesave Iceland Review
14-Aug-09 New Kaupthing and Islandsbanki recapitalisation announced IceNews
11-Aug-09 Iceland agonises over compensation deal AFP
07-Aug-09 Economic Committee Wants Disclaimers on Icesave Iceland Review
02-Aug-09 How could a handful of men in Reykjavik supervise a powerful City bank? Telegraph
22-Jul-09 Netherlands threatens Iceland's EU bid over lost savings Other Sources
21-Jul-09 KSF: 75 per cent to get all cash by September Isle of Man Today
20-Jul-09 New Government Agreement regarding Icelandic Banks IceNews
17-Jul-09 Jersey legislators back bank compensation scheme Other Sources
16-Jul-09 Jersey Depositor Compensation Scheme Approved Other Sources
16-Jul-09 Manx govt funding to speed up compensation for KSF IoM depositors Money Marketing
15-Jul-09 Iceland can cope with payment in Icesave deal-cbank Reuters
06-Jul-09 Dutch Icesave Depositors to Sue Iceland Iceland Review
03-Jul-09 Why do Shelter Offshore Readers Hate the Isle of Man? Other Sources
06-Jun-09 Icesave deal agreed – final confirmation next week IceNews
05-Jun-09 Possible Solution in Icesave Dispute Presented in Iceland Iceland Review
27-May-09 [KSF] Bank's offshore arm in liquidation The Press Association
27-May-09 EU: ECB chief should head new EU oversight agency Forbes
25-May-09 Icesave deal tantalisingly close: Iceland Finance Minister IceNews
22-May-09 Dutch gov’t pays 106 mlllion euros to Icelandic bank depositors Other Sources
13-May-09 Iceland talks on failed banks' assets face delay Reuters
08-May-09 IMF Denies Having Discussed Icesave with the UK Iceland Review
27-Apr-09 Iceland’s New Government Must Settle Creditor Talks (Update1) Bloomberg
24-Apr-09 Treasury paid £7.4bn to Iceland savers Telegraph
24-Apr-09 New hope for Kaupthing Singer Friedlander (IoM) depositors Isle of Man Today
23-Apr-09 Iceland payback delay warning Other Sources
19-Apr-09 Compensation hope for Iceland bank savers The Times
18-Apr-09 Bank of England holds crisis talks with seven building societies The Times
18-Apr-09 Iceland cash surprise for British councils The Times
15-Apr-09 Offshore savers helped, but some left stranded This is Money
15-Apr-09 Dutch savers demand answers from Iceland IceNews
09-Apr-09 Boost for [Isle of Man] Icelandic bank savers The Press Association
09-Apr-09 Strong parent groups give savers protection Telegraph
06-Apr-09 UK Treasury Committee Criticizes Darling in Iceland Report Iceland Review
31-Mar-09 Lawyers cash in on the Icelandic banking fiasco City Wire
30-Mar-09 BBA says expat onshore banking treatment justified on 'higher fraud risk' grounds Other Sources
27-Mar-09 How the States has squandered your cash Guernsey Press
24-Mar-09 Iceland protest in London at 'terrorist' tag Isle of Man Today
24-Mar-09 Weil gets Kaupthing Bank’s claim against UK Govt off the ground Other Sources
03-Mar-09 British FSA denies claims by former Landsbanki owner about Icesave accounts. What’s the deal? Other Sources
21-Feb-09 ‘Island should not be lumped in with the less-regulated’ Guernsey Press
20-Feb-09 When did your cash go to Iceland? Channel 4 News
18-Feb-09 Isle of Man poised to confirm Icelandic bank compensation Other Sources
12-Feb-09 KSF early payments will require £94m of taxpayers' cash Isle of Man Today
19-Jan-09 Iceland: a Metaphor for the Crisis Other Sources
17-Jan-09 Wait goes on for bank depositors Jersey Evening Post
14-Jan-09 IMF postpone Guernsey's assessment
14-Jan-09 Plea for help by ‘MP’ was spoof Guernsey Press
07-Jan-09 Iceland drops legal threat over bank Financial Times
06-Jan-09 Iceland's Kaupthing administrators to sue UK govt Reuters
30-Dec-08 2008 And All That Motley Fool
29-Dec-08 I Couldn't Explain It Better Other Sources
28-Dec-08 Iceland investment talks threaten more High Street upheaval Daily Mail
23-Dec-08 Landsbanki Employees Protest in Luxembourg Iceland Review
23-Dec-08 PM Did not know about the offer of the British FSA about IceSave Other Sources
21-Dec-08 Video Exclusive: City Oafs Take us for Mugs Daily Express
20-Dec-08 Faroe Islands give green light to Iceland loan IceNews
18-Dec-08 Isn’t the Madoff case the same as that of the Icelandic banks? Other Sources
17-Dec-08 Early payout proposed for Kaupthing savers Financial Times
16-Dec-08 Iceland scowls at UK after crisis BBC
15-Dec-08 Sants says clients could sue IFAs over Iceland saga City Wire
14-Dec-08 These vile tax havens have had their day Guardian
12-Dec-08 Luxembourg orders liquidation of Landsbanki arm Reuters
10-Dec-08 Kaupthing savers will be offered £350m package Other Sources
09-Dec-08 Landsbanki, Seized Icelandic Bank, Enters Bankruptcy (Update1) [in USA] Bloomberg
09-Dec-08 Time's Running Out for Icesave Compensation Other Sources
07-Dec-08 Pope attacks tax havens for robbing poor Guardian
06-Dec-08 Landsbanki Islands hf. granted a moratorium Other Sources
03-Dec-08 Former Bahamas Central Bank executive to lead UK review Other Sources
03-Dec-08 Review is an opportunity’ Guernsey Press
02-Dec-08 Former FSA boss Foot to lead UK tax haven review City Wire
01-Dec-08 Harbours of resentment Financial Times
28-Nov-08 Isle of Man depositors still whingeing Other Sources
24-Nov-08 Gordon Brown targets Isle of Man in BBC interview Isle of Man Today
24-Nov-08 Edwin Coe to act for Iceland bank account holders Other Sources
23-Nov-08 U.K. May Review Its Relationship With Isle of Man, Brown Says Bloomberg
23-Nov-08 Government may review relationship with Isle of Man Reuters
22-Nov-08 Icelanders demand PM resignation, clash with police Guardian
21-Nov-08 Isle of Man's Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander investors hire lawyers The Times
20-Nov-08 UPDATE: Icelandic Aid Package Could Double To $10 Billion Other Sources
19-Nov-08 HMRC raids the room on offshore accounts Other Sources
19-Nov-08 Icesave customers have received £250million of savings so far Other Sources
18-Nov-08 Iceland reaches deal for foreign savers Reuters
17-Nov-08 Iceland drafts plan for 2011 EU entry Other Sources
16-Nov-08 Iceland Reaches Accord With U.K., Holland on Icesave Deposits Bloomberg
16-Nov-08 Iceland agrees on guidelines for Icesave accounts Reuters
14-Nov-08 Kaupthing IOM savers plan legal action City Wire
14-Nov-08 Iceland in fresh push to solve diplomatic row Financial Times
12-Nov-08 Bell pledges action on missing KSF funds Isle of Man Today
12-Nov-08 FACTBOX-Who is in line to help bail out Iceland? Forbes
12-Nov-08 Forced to stand on its own three legs Financial Times
12-Nov-08 Iceland's rescue package flounders Financial Times
11-Nov-08 KSF 'transfers' will not be allowed to stand Isle of Man Today
10-Nov-08 Iceland PM asks Europe for financial help The Times
07-Nov-08 Dutch, British block IMF loan to Iceland – NRC Other Sources
07-Nov-08 Tony Brown to meet Jack Straw Isle of Man Today
07-Nov-08 Scottish special election a test for UK's Brown Associated Press
06-Nov-08 Moody's Reviews Landsbanki's Caa1/Caa2 Ratings for Downgrade Other Sources
03-Nov-08 Dutch provinces and towns to sue Icelandic bank Other Sources
03-Nov-08 Bid to return councils' millions BBC
31-Oct-08 Interview with Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson IceNews
30-Oct-08 Iceland's richest man in row with Central Bank of Iceland over Landsbanki fall Daily Mail
29-Oct-08 No strings attached Other Sources
27-Oct-08 Iceland asks its neighbours for another $4 billion City Wire
27-Oct-08 Iceland seeks more aid to fight financial crisis Other Sources
24-Oct-08 Iceland takes decisive action with the launch of an economic stabilisation plan in conjunction with the IMF IceNews
24-Oct-08 Iceland 'Will Need Billions More' SKY News
24-Oct-08 IMF bailout of Iceland is delayed until fate of UK savers’ frozen cash is resolved The Times
19-Oct-08 Iceland falls out of love with its billionaires Telegraph
17-Oct-08 Iceland Seen Turning to IMF Other Sources
15-Oct-08 ‘Island banks secure' Other Sources