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Date Report Source
03-Mar-11 Iceland says Landsbanki assets worth $1.4 billion more Other Sources
02-Mar-11 Key players in Iceland bank crash in court as witnesses IceNews
24-Feb-11 Chief minister links conduct complaint to Landsbanki group Guernsey Press
23-Jan-11 Mervyn King drawn into fresh row over Icesave collapse Guardian
15-Jan-11 Landsbanki executives arrested in Iceland BBC
12-Dec-10 Icelandic banks 'broke the rules' before UK deposits Telegraph
10-Dec-10 PricewaterhouseCoopers criticised in Landsbanki crash report IceNews
09-Dec-10 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors challenge island's chief minister Telegraph
08-Dec-10 Guernsey Financial Services Commission issues Landsbanki statement Other Sources
08-Dec-10 Landsbanki in liquidation
01-Dec-10 Landsbanki administrators accuse auditor of negligence Guardian
17-Nov-10 Government rejects petition by Landsbanki Guernsey savers Telegraph
17-Nov-10 Deloitte to seek liquidation of Guernsey's Landsbanki subsidiary Other Sources
17-Nov-10 Iceland draft deal with Britain said ready Reuters
16-Nov-10 Government rejects calls for Landsbanki Guernsey compensation City Wire
10-Nov-10 Icesave debt could be more manageable than previously feared IceNews
03-Nov-10 Guernsey government disagrees on bank compensation plans Telegraph
02-Nov-10 Iceland sees "Icesave" talks ending in 2010 Reuters
18-Oct-10 Banks' threat to withdraw cash (+ video subject to regional rights)
07-Oct-10 Landsbanki: Two years on (inc. video: regional rights issues apply)
30-Sep-10 Progress means there is now no need to meet Landsbanki savers Guernsey Press
08-Sep-10 Iceland Won't Settle Icesave Feud `at Any Price,' Arnason Warns Bloomberg
24-Aug-10 Another setback for Landsbanki Guernsey savers Telegraph
18-Aug-10 Guernsey Landsbanki depositors unbowed by Iceland setback Other Sources
27-May-10 EFTA: Iceland must pay Icesave IceNews
15-May-10 Investigators preparing Landsbanki white collar crime report IceNews
24-Apr-10 Commons report supports Landsbanki savers Telegraph
21-Apr-10 Icelandic bank crisis report shows how slow FSA was to react City Wire
18-Apr-10 Letters to the Head of Business: FSA shamed by inaction over Iceland Telegraph
12-Apr-10 Let down by the watchdogs This is Money
07-Apr-10 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors call attention to comments in UK Justice Committee report Other Sources
01-Apr-10 Landsbanki depositors 'vindicated by report' BBC Guernsey
24-Mar-10 Cold comfort for Iceland victims Other Sources
14-Mar-10 Guernsey Financial Services Commission being disingenuous? Other Sources
12-Mar-10 Guernsey regulator tells savers: onus is on you to check stability of banks (!!) City Wire
08-Mar-10 Landsbanki Guernsey savers ‘are the worst off of the lot’ Guernsey Press
27-Feb-10 Althingi banking report delayed ‘one last time’ IceNews
22-Feb-10 Landsbanki cash recovery for administrators, not the States Guernsey Press
21-Feb-10 Depositors seek Landsbanki inquiry Jersey Evening Post
16-Feb-10 Icesave talks to start in London on Monday -sources Other Sources
14-Feb-10 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors told their claims 'rejected' Other Sources
08-Feb-10 Who lied? Other Sources
02-Feb-10 Dutch Central Banker: Icelanders Lied about Icesave Iceland Review
30-Jan-10 The official Landsbanki whitewash Other Sources
18-Jan-10 Landsbanki. Bad management or personal gain? Other Sources
12-Jan-10 Landsbanki savers post clip on YouTube and lobby States members once more Guernsey Press
05-Jan-10 Iceland Blocks Bank Compensation for Foreigners Other Sources
01-Jan-10 Uproar in Iceland’s parliament over allegedly suppressed Icesave documents IceNews
18-Dec-09 Landsbanki savers could get more than 90% back Guernsey Press
17-Dec-09 Landsbanki Guernsey administrators announce third distribution Other Sources
17-Dec-09 Landsbanki savers get third sum BBC
16-Dec-09 Landsbanki under restriction due to FSA regulations before terrorist laws applied IceNews
13-Dec-09 SFO to launch probe into Icelandic banks Guardian
05-Dec-09 Former Landsbanki Manager Charged for Fraud Iceland Review
19-Nov-09 Saga of KS&F(IoM) collapse plays out in Tynwald Other Sources
27-Oct-09 FSA under fire for lack of inquiry into Icelandic banks The Times
26-Oct-09 Iceland Bank Collapse: 'FSA Failed To Act' SKY News
20-Oct-09 Landsbanki depositors want public inquiry into bank’s collapse Guernsey Press
18-Oct-09 Icesave negotiations concluded – outcome presented IceNews
08-Oct-09 For some, it is too late Guernsey Press
02-Oct-09 Police raid accountant offices in Iceland UPI
18-Sep-09 BBC Interviews Jersey LGDAG Representative Eleanor Monaghan (Audio Clip) BBC
16-Sep-09 Landsbanki Guernsey to take legal action against Iceland Other Sources
03-Sep-09 Iceland's customers still out in the cold Telegraph
28-Aug-09 Iceland to pay back Icesave cash BBC
20-Aug-09 SFO goes to Iceland to investigate banking collapse Financial Times
18-Aug-09 FSA needs a shred more than hand wringing over Iceland's banking implosion Telegraph
18-Aug-09 Icesave Bill Approved by Iceland’s Economic Committee Iceland Review
15-Aug-09 Iceland: what ugly secrets are waiting to be exposed in the meltdown? Telegraph
15-Aug-09 Gordon Brown is wrong, Britain played a part in Icelandic bank collapse Telegraph
11-Aug-09 Iceland hits impasse over lost savings Financial Times
07-Aug-09 ‘Landsbanki - FSA let island down’ Guernsey Press
04-Aug-09 No mandate and not expected - no wonder De Lisle is not going to Iceland Guernsey Press
30-Jul-09 Landsbanki shock [includes video clip]
30-Jul-09 Landsbanki action is 'concerning' BBC Guernsey
29-Jul-09 No meeting on our case - Landsbanki savers Guernsey Press
22-Jul-09 Iceland to hand bank stakes to creditors Telegraph
21-Jul-09 KSF: 75 per cent to get all cash by September Isle of Man Today
16-Jul-09 Manx govt funding to speed up compensation for KSF IoM depositors Money Marketing
11-Jul-09 Letters reveal UK's battles with Iceland over bank crisis Telegraph
09-Jul-09 MPs Will Have Access to All Icesave Documents Iceland Review
08-Jul-09 Iceland eyes deal with creditors of failed banks Reuters
02-Jul-09 Failed savers claim 'negligence' BBC Guernsey
27-Jun-09 Iceland Lawmakers May Reject U.K. Icesave Agreement (Update2) Bloomberg
27-Jun-09 Rejecting Icesave deal could be akin to declaring war IceNews
26-Jun-09 We Pay? No Way: Icelanders Turn Up Heat SKY News
18-Jun-09 Landsbanki action group lodges Commonwealth appeal Other Sources
17-Jun-09 Gib MPs fly to Guernsey storm Other Sources
16-Jun-09 Brown Justifies Use of Anti-Terrorism Act on Landsbanki Iceland Review
16-Jun-09 UK authorities lift freezing order on Landsbanki assets Other Sources
16-Jun-09 Commonwealth Parliamentary conference
15-Jun-09 Landsbanki depositors to seek delegates' attention during Commonwealth conference Other Sources
02-Jun-09 Iceland says creditor talks to start this week Reuters
28-May-09 MPs lobbied by Landsbanki savers BBC
22-May-09 Dutch gov’t pays 106 mlllion euros to Icelandic bank depositors Other Sources
12-May-09 More funds for victims of Landsbanki crash Telegraph
08-May-09 Repeats of Press Association's Report on Landsbanki Guernsey Savers' Payout Other Sources
08-May-09 Bank customers 'may get money back' The Press Association
05-May-09 Swine flu postpones demonstration BBC
30-Apr-09 Visions of Johanna Other Sources
25-Apr-09 Action group backs Foot probe into 'inadequate' comp schemes Other Sources
24-Apr-09 Treasury paid £7.4bn to Iceland savers Telegraph
22-Apr-09 Good news for Landsbanki Depositors
21-Apr-09 Despair over bank's lost savings BBC Guernsey
17-Apr-09 Depositors Group Prepares To March Guernsey Press
16-Apr-09 News Report in Evening Review BBC Guernsey
16-Apr-09 Landsbanki demo (Includes video interview with Neil)
15-Apr-09 Iceland to submit report on failed banks this week Reuters
15-Apr-09 Offshore savers helped, but some left stranded This is Money
09-Apr-09 Boost for [Isle of Man] Icelandic bank savers The Press Association
05-Apr-09 Iceland investigators turn to SFO Telegraph
04-Apr-09 Savers who lost money in Iceland are snubbed The Times
04-Apr-09 'No cash' for Landsbanki savers BBC Guernsey
04-Apr-09 UK regulator kept mum over Iceland Guernsey Press
03-Apr-09 Charities pushed to front of compensation queue after Icelandic banking meltdown Guardian
03-Apr-09 No Iceland compensation for local authorities or offshore depositors City Wire
03-Apr-09 Banks must allow ex-pats access to onshore accounts, say MPs City Wire
02-Apr-09 Iceland Has Millions of Pounds in Bank of England Iceland Review
30-Mar-09 BBA says expat onshore banking treatment justified on 'higher fraud risk' grounds Other Sources
20-Mar-09 Landsbanki expat group lobbies G20 over 'unsafe' Guernsey Other Sources
20-Mar-09 Call for offshore depositors to gain full access to onshore accounts Other Sources
12-Mar-09 Iceland appoints UK team for creditor negotiations Other Sources
07-Mar-09 Finance industry to pay towards promotion Guernsey Press
03-Mar-09 British FSA denies claims by former Landsbanki owner about Icesave accounts. What’s the deal? Other Sources
01-Mar-09 Feedback wanted on savers' plight BBC Guernsey
25-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors lobby States members (Video News Clip)
25-Feb-09 Landsbanki savers petition Queen BBC
24-Feb-09 Appraisement of Iceland’s Banks Completed in April Iceland Review
23-Feb-09 Chief Minister is to meet savers BBC Guernsey
20-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors turn to the queen (newsclip)
20-Feb-09 Landsbanki investors to petition Queen Jersey Evening Post
18-Feb-09 Iceland: Time to reconsider national approach? Other Sources
18-Feb-09 $6 billion rescue for Iceland put on hold Other Sources
18-Feb-09 Isle of Man poised to confirm Icelandic bank compensation Other Sources
12-Feb-09 SFO launches investigation into AIG’s British financial arm The Times
10-Feb-09 Landsbanki savers face years waiting for their money back Guernsey Press
09-Feb-09 Landsbanki depositors could wait years (with newsclip)
09-Feb-09 Iceland: The Land Without An Economy Forbes
06-Feb-09 Values by Simon Bain Other Sources
05-Feb-09 ‘I’ve lost my faith in banking in Guernsey’ Guernsey Press
04-Feb-09 FSA 'let us down' over Iceland crisis The Independent
30-Jan-09 Not our problem, UK Treasury tells Landsbanki group Guernsey Press
28-Jan-09 Icelandic cabinet collapse could stall Landsbanki resolution Other Sources
23-Jan-09 Financial services ombudsman 'would keep banks in line' (Full hard-copy version) Guernsey Press
22-Jan-09 Landsbanki depositors have their say (inc. video)
19-Jan-09 Landsbanki action group support creditors committee (inc. video clip)
19-Jan-09 Disgruntled depositors rule out protest Guernsey Press
17-Jan-09 Bank group ‘got it wrong’ Guernsey Press
16-Jan-09 Landsbanki savers look to form creditors’ committee Guernsey Press
14-Jan-09 Hopes Fade for Landsbanki Savers (includes video clip)
14-Jan-09 LGDAG's Neil Dickens Interviewed by BBC Radio Guernsey BBC Guernsey
13-Jan-09 Landsbanki: Loans for depositors rejected Jersey Evening Post
13-Jan-09 Landsbanki savers get no support from Guernsey govt Financial Times
13-Jan-09 Landsbanki Guernsey savers threaten demonstrations Other Sources
13-Jan-09 Should States Have Helped Savers More? Guernsey Press
10-Jan-09 Treasury loan refusal keeps Landsbanki savers waiting Guernsey Press
09-Jan-09 Landsbanki Guernsey administrator tries to salvage depositor cash City Wire
08-Jan-09 Landsbanki action group steps up deposit pressure Other Sources
08-Jan-09 Landsbanki clients see their money slipping away Guernsey Press
07-Jan-09 Landsbanki depositors asked to be patient
06-Jan-09 Statement from the Icelandic Government Concerning Legal Proceedings Against UK Authorities IceNews
06-Jan-09 Landsbanki Group to Meet Chief Minister Again Guernsey Press
11-Dec-08 Suspect around 100 million krona embezzlement - Landsbanki liquidators press charges on a high ranked banker Other Sources
11-Dec-08 Landsbanki savers call for more from Guernsey States Jersey Evening Post
10-Dec-08 Government prepares offshore bank account tax The Times
10-Dec-08 Who's afraid of an offshore jurisdictions review? Other Sources
09-Dec-08 Landsbanki action group meet UK politicians
07-Dec-08 Pope attacks tax havens for robbing poor Guardian
03-Dec-08 Guernsey customers angry over Icesave compensation Other Sources
02-Dec-08 Former FSA boss Foot to lead UK tax haven review City Wire
29-Nov-08 UK’s role in the economic collapse of Iceland on PACE agenda Other Sources
27-Nov-08 GFSC clarifies misconceptions over Landsbanki Gsy collapse Guernsey Press
26-Nov-08 Landsbanki: Help from Guernsey? Jersey Evening Post
26-Nov-08 What is in store for offshore banking? BBC
25-Nov-08 ‘Never say never’ on States help for Landsbanki savers Guernsey Press
25-Nov-08 Landsbanki Guernsey depositors fight on
25-Nov-08 Landsbanki group meets ministers BBC
24-Nov-08 Chancellor wants protection against repeat of Icesave crisis Guardian
24-Nov-08 PBR: Chancellor promises to tackle offshore tax evaders Financial Times
24-Nov-08 PBR: Darling calls for review of regulation of offshore territories Money Marketing
24-Nov-08 UK anti terror laws right move against Icelandic banks? IceNews
24-Nov-08 Edwin Coe to act for Iceland bank account holders Other Sources
23-Nov-08 Gordon Brown speaks exclusively to the Politics Show. BBC
23-Nov-08 Government may review relationship with Isle of Man Reuters
22-Nov-08 Group meets to press Landsbanki claims Jersey Evening Post
22-Nov-08 Revenue in storm over disclosure of taxpayer data to researchers Telegraph
21-Nov-08 Bank protection scheme is up for debate next week Guernsey Press
21-Nov-08 What next for Icelandic bank savers? Other Sources
20-Nov-08 Neighbour Whip-Round For Iceland SKY News
20-Nov-08 UPDATE: Icelandic Aid Package Could Double To $10 Billion Other Sources
20-Nov-08 Iceland's $2.1 Billion IMF Loan Wins Board Approval (Update1) Bloomberg
19-Nov-08 Landsbanki depositors ‘overlooked’ Guernsey Press
19-Nov-08 Agreement Reached on Icesave Iceland Review
18-Nov-08 The Icelandic Government program with the IMF IceNews
18-Nov-08 Iceland reaches deal for foreign savers Reuters
17-Nov-08 Iceland Abandoned - Brown's actions helped to worsen the island's financial crisis Other Sources
17-Nov-08 Iceland to Close $6 Billion IMF-Led Deal This Week (Update3) Bloomberg
16-Nov-08 Iceland Reaches Accord With U.K., Holland on Icesave Deposits Bloomberg
16-Nov-08 Could Iceland's crisis have been averted? Other Sources
14-Nov-08 Landsbanki depositors ask for help
14-Nov-08 Iceland close to reaching compensation deal for UK Icesave customers Telegraph
14-Nov-08 Landsbanki savers to meet Guernsey authorities to demand money back Telegraph
14-Nov-08 Landsbanki: ‘We are working hard to help savers’ Jersey Evening Post
14-Nov-08 Former Landsbanki Owner: Assets Will Cover Icesave Iceland Review
14-Nov-08 Iceland to hold news conference,deposit feud in focus Guardian
14-Nov-08 Offshore banks engulfed by a wave of pessimism The Times
14-Nov-08 Iceland to Strive for Agreement on Icesave Iceland Review
14-Nov-08 “Icesave deal expected quickly”, Iceland Foreign Minister IceNews
13-Nov-08 Landsbanki group debate next step BBC
13-Nov-08 Iceland package delayed by deposit issues - IMF Reuters
12-Nov-08 Bell pledges action on missing KSF funds Isle of Man Today
12-Nov-08 FACTBOX-Who is in line to help bail out Iceland? Forbes
12-Nov-08 Landsbanki action group "There's got to be optimism"
11-Nov-08 Landsbanki depositors will meet with Chief Minister Other Sources
11-Nov-08 Payback starts for Landsbanki’s UK customers Guernsey Press
10-Nov-08 Iceland PM asks Europe for financial help The Times
06-Nov-08 Landsbanki Guernsey group seeks meeting with chancellor Other Sources
04-Nov-08 Bell looks for clarification Manx Radio
29-Oct-08 Iceland Says Darling Knew of Bank Guarantee Before Seizing Bank Bloomberg
24-Oct-08 Iceland - the Darling Tapes Financial Times
24-Oct-08 Transcript of conversation between Chancellor and Icelandic Finance Minister The Times
23-Oct-08 Help Needed for Offshore Savers The Press Association
22-Oct-08 Avoiding the ‘too little…’ complaint Guernsey Press
22-Oct-08 Britain to loan Iceland £3bln to repay savers: report AFP
22-Oct-08 Guernsey bank investors see poor return Other Sources
22-Oct-08 Expats face big Icelandic bank losses Telegraph
22-Oct-08 Iceland must look after depositors, says Prime Minister Guernsey Press
21-Oct-08 Landsbanki Guernsey savers cry foul This is Money
21-Oct-08 The Perils of Saving Offshore Other Sources
21-Oct-08 Offshore savers in bid to get deposits back The Independent
21-Oct-08 Savers in bid to get money back The Press Association
20-Oct-08 U.K. Deposit Fund Pays 3 Billion Pounds for ING Iceland Savers Bloomberg
20-Oct-08 Island savers form action groups BBC
20-Oct-08 Minister acts to help Landsbanki depositors Jersey Evening Post
19-Oct-08 Iceland falls out of love with its billionaires Telegraph
19-Oct-08 Savers stranded on islands following banking collapse Other Sources
17-Oct-08 Guernsey savers fear loss of locked funds Financial Times
17-Oct-08 Deputy got it wrong, says GFSC chairman Guernsey Press
17-Oct-08 Iceland Seen Turning to IMF Other Sources
17-Oct-08 Iceland accuses UK banks of imposing siege on cash flow Financial Times
17-Oct-08 Financial crisis: savers in Guernsey warned they will lose out Telegraph
16-Oct-08 Government set on collision course with Iceland over Landsbanki assets The Times
15-Oct-08 ‘Island banks secure' Other Sources
15-Oct-08 No compensation for offshore savings account customers Other Sources
14-Oct-08 ING Direct to take over Icelandic deposits Other Sources
14-Oct-08 Expat savers hit by Icelandic bank crisis Telegraph
14-Oct-08 Crunch threatens offshore money Channel 4 News
09-Oct-08 Landsbanki Guernsey savers may lose everything The Times
06-Oct-08 Trading in Icelandic banks halted pending announcement Telegraph
29-Sep-08 Iceland's Landsbanki says business sound Reuters