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SFO intensifies Icelandic banking inquiry after Kaupthing leak

The Serious Fraud Office is gathering extensive intelligence on the Icelandic banks in the aftermath of last autumn's crash that left thousands of UK institutions nursing millions of pounds of losses.

The SFO's team has intensified its inquiries following the leak of Kaupthing's loan book on to an internet site,, over the weekend, according to sources,

A team is understood to be examining the document connected to the failed Icelandic bank, which had a large UK client base. It has also received information relating to the UK operations of the Icelandic banks, apparently from a number of whistleblowers ranging from employees to investors and depositors . .

Although it has not launched a formal criminal investigation, a team from the SFO is known to have been looking closely at Kaupthing, Glitnir and Landsbanki for a number of months, following their collapse in October last year.  04-Aug-09.