30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

Its not only money its what it represents.

My deposit in Landsbanki represented a large proportion of my lump sum pension from the States of Guernsey.

I am just an ordinary guy who moved to Guernsey in 1982 with three children under 5 years of age, in order to make a new life for us all. Both my wife and I had professional nursing qualifications and subsequently went on to work for the States of Guernsey in Mental Health Services and Learning Disability Services.

I have retired now and my wife is still working part-time; we have brought up our family and now have 2 grandchildren with one on the way. Guernsey is a wonderful place to live, work and bring up a family and we will always be grateful for the opportunity to come and live here.

My money in Landsbanki really did not mean a lot to me in monetary terms as I had never had it in my pocket, it was the significance of the sum the meant much more: the culmination of a life’s work, the knowledge that I could possibly support my family in acute financial circumstances should they occur, and that we could contemplate rewarding ourselves with a special holiday after a life time working. The possible loss of honest, hard-earned money and what that money means to you and your family is a bitter pill to swallow when you genuinely felt it was safe within a well regulated banking system.

There are many circumstances in life that are difficult to get a feeling for: we often say “I know how you feel” in our endeavours to support people, but you never really know until it happens to you.

I have gone through many emotional stages since the Bank went into administration, not too dissimilar to the stages of grief I suppose.