30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

Government rejects petition by Landsbanki Guernsey savers

A petition for help from the British Government signed by over 400 depositors who lost money in the collapse of Landsbanki Guernsey has been rejected.

Because the Crown Dependency did not have a deposit protection scheme, savers were not included in the UK Government's bail-out, and are still fighting for their return of their money.

The petition, which was submitted by campaign group The Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors Action Group (LGDAG), contained 433 signatures and implored the UK government "to support British savers in Landsbanki Guernsey in seeking the full and prompt return of their savings.”

The Government response however declared that because Landsbanki Guernsey was not a subsidiary of a UK bank but an Icelandic company, “regulatory oversight of Landsbanki Guernsey Limited is the responsibility of the Guernsey Financial Supervision Commission and therefore arrangements for depositors in Landsbanki Guernsey are a matter for the Government of Guernsey.”  16-Nov-10.