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Iceland corruption investigator Eva Joly may quit in frustration

Iceland's anti-corruption expert, Eva Joly, investigating "suspicions of criminal actions" at Kaupthing, Glitnir and Landsbanki, has threatened to resign if the inquiry continues to be dogged by lack of political will.

Eva Joly, who advised on France's Elf Aquitaine scandal and the UK's BAE inquiry, said the scale of potential corruption at the Icelandic banks should be treated as one of the important financial investigations Europe has ever known. . . .

In a television interview, she criticised a lack of political will in the Icelandic government to bring anyone who has committed economic crimes to justice.

Iceland's special investigation team is now working on more than 30 potential cases relating to the banking system, after Kaupthing, Glitnir and Landsbanki collapsed and were taken over by the Icelandic government last October. 02-Dec-10.