30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

New Icesave Deal Approved By Icelandinc Parliament But Will The President Sign It Into Law?

Iceland's lawmakers have approved another deal to repay 4 Billion Euros the UK and the Netherlands for the collapse of the Icesave Bank almost two years ago by a 44-16 margin with three abstentions. However, the big question is will President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson sign it?

So far the President has not said whether he would sign the bill or not. But according to recent statements he believes this deal is better than the one he vetoed last time.  The money is owed to the British and the Dutch governments for having  to reimburse almost half a million citizens following the collapse of Icesave and its parent company Landsbanki in 2008. . .

The Icelandic Government believes the total cost to the taxpayers would be much less than the 4 Billion Euros as most of the repayment would come from selling off the assets of Landsbanki.  eGovmonitor website. 16-Feb-11.