30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

Landsbanki Chose Me. We're Savers Not Speculators

I banked with Cheshire Guernsey for close to seven years.  I didn't ask for Landsbanki to take over my deposits.  Monies generated from the sale of my flat in London in 2000 - sold because I had to have money in the bank in order to secure my American company work visa. 

Landsbanki's guarantee, coupled with assurances by the GFSC made me feel that my money was safe and secure.  On the GFSC website it even said so. 

Besides the goverment had rescued Northern Rock Guernsey, so weren't further assurances there?   We're British depositors at large in this bank.  If they saved Icesave customer's deposits even though the bank was registered outside the UK, why should our deposits not be immediately saved? 

To top it all, my 65 year old father, stoke impaired and living alone has a part of his retirement in this bank.  It's the retired people affected by this collapse that upsets me the most.  His good freind who he met at speech therapy has even more at stake.  With no dependants, how will he continue to live?

How can you 'short change' innocent savers in their golden years?   That's not bad business, that's a lack of decency and human heart.