30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

My pension stolen for the second time

Having been relieved of an earlier pension pot by a light fingered Broker, I have now lost a second (and final) one due to light fingered Bankers

I started working abroad in 1974 and immediately commenced a private pension scheme run by a UK Broker. I saved substantial sums (for those days) each year which I sent to him to add to the schemes he had recommended.

In 1987, I was in UK and on a whim decided to check my pension schemes. They were all virtually empty. The Broker had taken most of my money. I involved the Police and he spent a year as a guest of Her majesty but this did not restore my pension.

In August this year having built up a further pension pot, I decided to put it into Landsbanki Guernsey as they offered a good (but not outrageous) interest rate.

Then this happened.

I have now lost 2 pensions and will have to try and live on my meagre and FROZEN OK Govt pension.