30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

Scion of Guernsey family loses inheritance

Some news reports make international depositors sound solely like tax evaders.  In our case it is because of a long Guernsey history.  My grandparents were Guernsey folk who remained in Guernsey throughout the war.  The money in the account represented inheritance from my grandfather, who started work at age 12 and went on to be a Guernsey store owner, tomato grower and businessman.

His hard work left a legacy that was passed on by his daughter, my now-deceased mother, also a Guernsey resident.  I live and work abroad because of my profession in academia, but we have visited Guernsey many, many times from 1946 onwards.  When the inheritance arrived from my mother's Guernsey estate it seemed logical to leave it in a Guernsey bank until my imminent retirement, given the perceived strength of the Guernsey banking industry.  We now see that this was mistaken confidence in Guernsey.  The hard-won inheritance of my Guernsey family is now largely gone.