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My Mum has lost nearly all Dad's life savings

My Mum has lost nearly all Dad's life savings - by not spending it and hanging on to it in case of any sort of emergency.  When Dad died, he died knowing that he had left enough money to see Mum through the rest of her life.  He also left her 1,000 Northern Rock shares which were worth about £15,000 when he died.  As you know, they became worthless last year.

My Mum's health is deteriorating, she is almost blind now with macular degeneration and various parts of her body are pinned, plated, hip replacement, shoulder replacement which later had to be removed.  She is in severe pain all the time and can only control it with morphine.  I was always reassured that if the time comes when she can no longer live her on her own, she had the money to go into a private residential home.  This will no way be possible now.  Unfortunately I personally cannot pay those fees as I am not rich and only manage to make ends meet myself.  I have no savings, but I have no debt.

My parents came from working class stock, but they worked very hard all their lives to make a better life for themselves and of course me.  They have never been in debt, if they wanted to purchase anything they saved and bought it cash.  It breaks my heart to see to see Mum's small inheritance stolen from under her.  Dad first opened an account with Cheshire Guernsey and left his savings there in good faith when it was taken over by Landsbanki.