30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

I didn't want to take any risks

Up until last year I spent 21 years with others growing a business that by the time we sold it employed a lot of people and so contributed greatly to the revenue. For various reasons including health I decided to retire early.

To allow me to do this I didn't want to take ANY risks with our money so like most of us I did as much research as I could re which Banks I could put our money with. This included talking to a senior employee at LG who convinced me that they were not involved with any of the toxic debt problems.

Taking this into account along with the other favorable information there was re LG we decided to deposit (not invest) our money with them. We started a 1yr fixed term account last November and the rest as we say is history. If we do not get all of our money back it will probably mean going back to work, which in the current environment could be tricky.