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83 year old Castel parishioner, Guernsey.

I have always believed in Building Societies, I can remember as a child going with my mother every Saturday with our passbook into the local office in Nantwich, and that has stayed with me throughout my adult life; whenever possible I would try to put some savings away.

I came to Guernsey in 1962; my late husband Frank was the manager of a local branch of a UK company, and we raised our two children here. They are now living in England, and I have five grandchildren, who I don't see as often as I would like, but they do come over in the summer.

When Frank, my husband, died 6 years ago his company pension died with him, I do get some money from the States but I have never worked so it's not very much. On my own I couldn't cope with the garden at our bungalow in the Vale, so I sold up and moved to my present home, an apartment in the Castel Parish.There was some money left over and I put this with my other savings into the Cheshire Building Society, and the interest was paid to me monthly. I wasn't bothered when they wrote to tell me they had been taken over by Landsbanki, the interest still came every month, slightly more actually, and I knew any bank in Guernsey was bound to be safe.

I was devastated when I heard in October that the bank had gone broke and I had lost my lifetime’s savings, I just don't know how I am going to manage now. The children have tried to help, but it's so expensive in England now and they have the little ones to think of. The bank have sent me some of my money but that's in the TSB and the interest is so small, I am going to have to dip into the money just for my weekly shopping, and I don't know how long it will last.

My neighbour says “Don't worry - the States are going to sort it all out”, but I have read letters in the Press from people who say they shouldn't help us.  I wish my Frank was still here, he would sort it out for us, but at the moment I can't sleep for worry, and I just seem to burst into tears all the time.