30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

I'm now lodging with friends and family

I am a widow with life savings on an instant access account for myself and 5 children.

After having been told by Landsbanki on 30th September that the bank was encountering NO difficulties whatsoever and confirming "that I wouldn't be sitting here replying to you if there were concerns", and then finally decided to recuperate my funds on Monday 6th October, and was told that my money would be sent to a UK bank by telegraphic transfer.

The next day (Tuesday), I telephoned again to Landsbanki to confirm if the funds had left my account, only to be told that "there was bad news" and that the bank was "insolvent". I have ALL my money on this account and have no other. I absolutely want my money back for myself and my family, otherwise we are in the street.

I am actually lodging with friends and family in France as I cannot afford to use the electricity or central heating in my property in the UK or buy food, as I cannot pay the bills of any kind. Landsbanki has all our assets.