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Punished for seeking happiness!

I am a depsitor with Landsbanki Guernsey - £50k which was the proceeds of sale of my house in the UK.  This money was put away for a rainy day offshore given that I could not save in the UK as I was no longer resident.  I had indeed moved to reside in Cyprus with a possible view to starting a business in 2009 or possibly buy a house.  I already lost £30k in the reduction sale value of my house in a failing property market.

I am 44 living in Cyprus in rented accommodation, now can't afford to put 20% deposit down to buy a house here, not working now as lost my job due to stress and the cost of living doubling because of the Euro!  Not forgetting that the you have to pay for medical treatment here also and no governmental support for unemployment.  Our outgoings per month is more than what we earn and some may say - 'well she is living in Cyprus now!' - so what's the problem!!!

I am married to a lovely Jordanian man who unfortunately does not have the luxury like the rest of the human race - of 'moving freely from country to country' and it is this reason why I live in Cyprus.  Cyprus being the middle ground for us both to live, reside, work and spend the rest of our days (albeit that this 2nd marriage goes well!).  Unlike EU Nationals who can move from country to country; anyone from a Non-EU State have to prove every step of the way who they are and why they wish to live anywhere else than their own country.

I have recently lost a baby on the 18th October 2008 and then two weeks after I found out the news of loosing my life savings!  Due to this stress I have now lost my job as I was unable to control my emotions in the workplace and Cyprus being Cyprus is not supportive of anyone who has a personal crisis!

I have lost many things throughout my life but I did not know how much it would hurt loosing my own money which I worked hard for.  I have paid my dues in the UK since the age of 13 and never been on the dole, had to endure a nasty divorce whereby I lost one of my children, my house, the business and much more all because my first husband had an affair!  The injustice is unbearable to think of sometimes.  However, I soldiered on and worked days, nights and weekends to provide a little home for me and my daughter.  When she went to University it was at this time I decided to seek love, explore life and move country. 

I have two children from my first marriage who are attending University and College respectively back in the UK and I had hoped as a supportive, caring and providing Mother, that I would also be able to assist their lives by giving a little when it was required. 

I will have no UK Pension to fallback on nor will I have any Pension worth having here in Cyprus so now it seems that I will have absolutely NOTHING for retirement. 

I feel that I am being punished for seeking happiness with my said new husband and being restricted of being able to move on in our lives together.