30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

The fruit of many years of hard graft has disappeared

My wife and I, having been born in Guernsey, with grandparents who worked in the growing industry, were certainly not born with silver spoons in our mouths, but through no fault of our own have unfortunately been caught up in the Landsbanki fiasco.

Having suffered five miserable years in England during the war as evacuees we returned home to resume a relatively normal childhood. After school I joined the growing industry, as did many others. After a few years experience I decided to start on my own with 400ft of glass as a rental. Work was long and hard, and everything was done manually. We progressed to owning a property, and over the years placed most of our profits into the business - expanding, modernising, rebuilding - always working on overdraft as no money came in from November to April. Working with an overdraft meant there was very rarely any spare cash - until retirement! Hey presto - no more overdraft! – and we also managed to sell our glasshouse property - albeit for peanuts - so we had cash to spare to invest for our pension.

A safe British Building Society was secure, and when Landsbanki took over at the time they were rated okay, so there was no cause for alarm. Then came the crash, and at the moment the fruit of many years of hard graft from both my wife and me has disappeared. We don't expect tax money from Guernsey folk, but we do expect support from our Government and Deputies in righting this injustice and helping us to get our stolen cash back.

Am I angry at the moment? You bet I am - how would you feel?