30-Mar-2016: Liquidators' Update, see Deloitte site

Press Release, 23-Feb-09.


Landsbanki depositors from all over the Channel Islands and indeed around the world, welcomed the announcement on yesterday’s BBC Radio Guernsey’s Sunday phone-in that Guernsey's Chief Minister, Deputy Lyndon Trott, as well as the Policy Council, were 'extremely empathetic' to the plight of depositors in the Islands - most of whom are of advancing years and in desperate straits. They also welcomed the Chief Minister’s surprise announcement, during his telephone call, that he was prepared to take part in a public meeting with all depositors.

Spokesman for local depositors Janson Bewey said: 'This is encouraging and at this meeting we are looking to the States to have more on offer than just tea and sympathy’.

The local Depositors Action Group is looking forward to liaising with the Chief Minister’s office about the logistics for the meeting.

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