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About Depositors

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Iceland leaves British depositors out in the cold

Iceland is poised to receive a bailout loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without giving the UK Government assurances about how it will reimburse thousands of British savers with money in Icelandic banks. 25-Oct-08

Ex-pat savers accuse Brown of 'stealing cash'

UK ex-pat savers are accusing Gordon Brown of "illegally taking cash" held in Guernsey and Isle of Man accounts after the collapse of Icelandic banks. myfinances website - 24-Oct-08.

Landsbanki: Guernsey feels the heat

Guernsey was coming under mounting pressure yesterday to bail out Landsbanki customers after the Isle of Man announced that it was using £150 million of taxpayer’s money to pay back depositors there. 24-Oct-08

Savers set to lose out as Guernsey rules out Icelandic bank bail-out

Thousands of people face losing their life savings after Guernsey's government said it would not bail out its subsidiary of Landsbanki, the collapsed Icelandic bank. 24-Oct-08

Depositor protection to spark fresh HMRC investigations

Taxman to examine offshore savers returning to the UK seeking depositor protection.

HMRC is now stepping up its pursuit and is fully committed to commencing high-profile criminal prosecutions of taxpayers to act as a deterrent.

The government’s increased protection for depositors as a result of the credit crunch will lead to more investigations of savers using offshore bank accounts for tax purposes, Grant Thornton claimed today. Accountancy Age 24-Oct-08

Guernsey rules out state funds to help savers

The Guernsey government has no plans to follow the Isle of Man’s lead in offering public funds to help bail out savers in subsidiaries of collapsed Icelandic banks. 23-Oct-08

Icelandic authorities react to UK gov't 'terror' move

A diplomatic row has erupted between the Icelandic and the UK governments.

The Icelandic government has hired a law firm following the Treasury's use of anti-terrorist legislation to freeze all Landsbanki assets in the UK.23-Oct-08.

Help Needed for Offshore Savers

More than 12,000 people have collectively lost nearly £1 billion in the offshore arms of Icelandic banks. But while the Government was quick to step in to guarantee the savings of UK investors who held money in this country with Icelandic institutions, no one has offered any help to those with cash offshore. 23-Oct-08.

Avoiding the ‘too little…’ complaint

WHEN the Policy Council brings forward its report on a depositor protection scheme for debate later this year, one of the issues States members will consider is whether the cost of the system and its effects on the banking sector here are justified by the reputational benefits achieved. 22-Oct-08.

Guernsey bank investors see poor return

More than 2,000 investors with £121m in Landsbanki Guernsey have been given a payment of just 30p for each £1 they invested — but there are 'good' prospects they will get further payments, says administrator Deloitte & Touche LLP. this is money website - 22-Oct-08.

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