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UK Residents' Stories

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We only wanted our pension fund savings to be safe

We put our pension fund savings with Cheshire Guernsey because we were told it was safe and were told our pension fund savings would remain safe when Cheshire Guernsey became Landsbanki Guernsey.

My Mum has lost nearly all Dad's life savings

My Mum has lost nearly all Dad's life savings - by not spending it and hanging on to it in case of any sort of emergency.  When Dad died, he died knowing that he had left enough money to see Mum through the rest of her life.  He also left her 1,000 Northern Rock shares which were worth about £15,000 when he died.  As you know, they became worthless last year.

I sold my flat, so that we'd have some money to fall back on!

I'm 54 and Disabled. Two years ago, after careful consideration, I sold my flat in Bristol, and deposited most of the money in Landsbanki Guernsey, (On the advice of a friend), so that my partner and I would have some money to fall back on, and do a bit of travelling, which we both love.  We rented a small flat in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, where I grew up. This doesn't give us any security, but a nicer environment in which to live.

Broke and scared

My wife and I had all our savings in Cheshire Guernsey Building Society. The money came from twenty-eight years of teaching abroad as well as the proceeds from the sale of our first house and a small inheritance left to my wife by her father. This was to be the basis of our retirement fund. We paid into it as often as we could over the course of our careers.

Disabled and unable to work. Lost life savings and incapacity pension lump sum.

I am only 32 but was recently made unemployed due to an injury at work and am now unable to work. I did get a lump sum from my pension fund which I wholly put into a Landsbanki saving account along with the rest of my life savings making a total of £125,000. This is all I have apart from a small month incapacity pension and was my only way of securing a future as I was going to use it to buy a house.

I'm now lodging with friends and family

I am a widow with life savings on an instant access account for myself and 5 children.

I didn't want to take any risks

Up until last year I spent 21 years with others growing a business that by the time we sold it employed a lot of people and so contributed greatly to the revenue. For various reasons including health I decided to retire early.

I will have to sell my house

I have £34,000 in Landsbanki Guernsey, my only savings, I will have to sell my house if I don't get my money as my only other income is my UK state pension.

I haven’t had the heart to tell my daughter

My mother, who died three years ago, left my daughter 21,000 GBP to help get her started in life. I invested the money for her on a fixed term deposit with Landsbanki Guernsey this August. I learned four days ago that Landsbanki has gone into administration.

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