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International Depositors' Stories

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Feelings of failure and bewilderment prevail

The money that I saved in Landsbanki was inherited from my parents following the sale of my father’s house when he passed away. It represented many years of hard work for them – they were both of a generation who left school at 14 and then worked hard for the rest of their lives.

Son of a Guernsey Native

My husband is the son of a Guernsey native.  The money he placed in Landsbanki was earned, and fully taxed, in Guernsey.  It was his inheritance.  We would have used it for our daughter's education.

It was just a number on a piece of paper

Even though my wife and I were born in a different country, we were raised by the same principles. "Study hard so you can have a nice job and earn first before you spend". So that's what we did.

To get hit with a blow like this

Having come to Europe from South Africa with two suitcases and Sfr 2500.00 and no job waiting for us, just a mere six years on through many a tear and toil my husband and I have both managed to educate ourselves here in Switzerland, learn German and pushed ourselves into the workforce, both currently having full time jobs.

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