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My pension stolen for the second time

Having been relieved of an earlier pension pot by a light fingered Broker, I have now lost a second (and final) one due to light fingered Bankers

How will I fund my daughters education now...

My father left me some money which I invested in Cheshire and Guernsey in view as to using this money to help fund my daughters going to University.  I don't know how we're going to manage now as we were depending on this money.

Landsbanki Chose Me. We're Savers Not Speculators

I banked with Cheshire Guernsey for close to seven years.  I didn't ask for Landsbanki to take over my deposits.  Monies generated from the sale of my flat in London in 2000 - sold because I had to have money in the bank in order to secure my American company work visa. 

Broke and scared

My wife and I had all our savings in Cheshire Guernsey Building Society. The money came from twenty-eight years of teaching abroad as well as the proceeds from the sale of our first house and a small inheritance left to my wife by her father. This was to be the basis of our retirement fund. We paid into it as often as we could over the course of our careers.

Its not only money its what it represents.

My deposit in Landsbanki represented a large proportion of my lump sum pension from the States of Guernsey.

I am just an ordinary guy who moved to Guernsey in 1982 with three children under 5 years of age, in order to make a new life for us all. Both my wife and I had professional nursing qualifications and subsequently went on to work for the States of Guernsey in Mental Health Services and Learning Disability Services.

My Blood Pressure

I spent most of my working life as a specialist grower/nurseryman till I found the joints in my kness and feet gave out and I had to sell up. I always paid my tax; collected Vat etc; stood up when they played the national anthem and had assumed that I was a fairly good citizen of the UK; although I did not always agree with the government.

Disabled and unable to work. Lost life savings and incapacity pension lump sum.

I am only 32 but was recently made unemployed due to an injury at work and am now unable to work. I did get a lump sum from my pension fund which I wholly put into a Landsbanki saving account along with the rest of my life savings making a total of £125,000. This is all I have apart from a small month incapacity pension and was my only way of securing a future as I was going to use it to buy a house.

Penalized for living abroad?

I am a British citizen living abroad, and first began saving in sterling in Cheshire Building Society, Guernsey when my daughter became a student in London.  As ex-pats we didn't have the option to save in the UK itself, which we would much preferred to have done.  Even though we are British, because we are ex-pats we have had to pay full foreign students' fees or both our son and our daughter's U.K. university education - a sizeable amount of money which has left us with very little savings after more than 35 years of hard work.

My life will never be the same again

The collapse of LG has turned my life upside down. I never would have dreamt this could happen in this day and age, not even in my worst nightmare. I have worked hard all of my life to save this money. I’m glad my parents are not alive to see what I am going through now. 

Bang goes my daughter's college education

I opened my account with Cheshire Guernsey many years ago, and was somewhat shocked when it was taken over two years ago. Both I and my retired mother had added to the acount in recent years, mostly to have money available for my daughter in case she wanted to further her education in the United Kingdom one day. Sadly, I don't think she'll have that opportunity now. We are already living paycheck to paycheck and won't be able to build up that kind of nest egg again. 

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