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Misplaced Trust in the power of Sovereign Guarantees

As an ex-pat currently based in Japan with a nest egg of 41,000 pounds sterling, I undertook much due diligence before relocation overseas to look after a loved one.  I am definitely not rich, just a hard working Londoner who voted, paid taxes and saved as much as possible to avoid over-reliance on state pensions etc.


My wife and I opened a savings account many years ago with Cheshire Guernsey and when Landsbanki bought the bank two years ago we carefully read the literature regarding Landsbanki bank and were reassured that our savings would be safe in Guernsey. How wrong we were!

It was just a number on a piece of paper

Even though my wife and I were born in a different country, we were raised by the same principles. "Study hard so you can have a nice job and earn first before you spend". So that's what we did.

Security needed for sheltered accommodation

My late husband and I first put our savings into Cheshire-Guernsey. We planned that this would give 'whoever was left' the security needed for sheltered accommodation. When Landsbanki bought out Cheshire my husband was already far too ill to make a decision on what to do, saying 'wait til I am feeling better'. He died in May.

Just ordinary citizens

We worked all our lives in the UK and paid UK taxes for 40 years. We are retired civil servants residing in Spain and receiving a civil service pensions on which we have to pay, by law, UK tax.

I'm now lodging with friends and family

I am a widow with life savings on an instant access account for myself and 5 children.

I didn't want to take any risks

Up until last year I spent 21 years with others growing a business that by the time we sold it employed a lot of people and so contributed greatly to the revenue. For various reasons including health I decided to retire early.

To get hit with a blow like this

Having come to Europe from South Africa with two suitcases and Sfr 2500.00 and no job waiting for us, just a mere six years on through many a tear and toil my husband and I have both managed to educate ourselves here in Switzerland, learn German and pushed ourselves into the workforce, both currently having full time jobs.

Retirement imminent

We are UK citizens based in Singapore on a limited contract of employment. As such, we are no longer residents for tax purposes within the UK. This means that although we maintain UK cheque accounts we were barred from setting up any UK mainland savings accounts.

Money my grandmother saved for my studies in the UK

I am a depositor in Landsbanki Guernsey. I am 22 and British. I live in Chile, where my father works. It is money my grandmother saved for my studies in the UK.

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